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Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Ole St. Nick

See, when you don't have kids you do crazy stuff like this. You wait in line (thank God with one of your best friends) for 93 minutes to see the big guy. Hoping and praying your dog doesn't make you look bad or pee on anything/anyone. If you are lucky you can catch a couple of good shots and hopefully not the flu from all the sniveling kids in line with you.

St. Nick was a good sport and only slightly surprised I didn't want to be in the photo with them. My K-9 companion posed like a Westminster champ and couldn't wait to get the hell outta the sweat shop they call Ridgedale (what was the temp in there anyway?!?).

Zoom sat perfectly, Foster did his part, thankfully without any nervous diarrhea.
I saved a bundle by bringing my own camera and avoiding the highway robbers they call elves. $17-$45 for a mall Santa photo? Pah-leez!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Heart throb...

I L.O.V.E him...

Courtesy of MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) ―

Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer was named the American League's Most Valuable Player Monday, beating out Yankee stars Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter.

Mauer received 27 of the 28 first-place votes and had a total of 387 points. Teixeira and Jeter finished second and third, respectively.

The other first-place vote went to Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera, who finished fourth in the voting.

Mauer, 26, had 28 home runs, 96 RBI, a .365 batting average and led the American League in batting for the third time in his career.

Mauer won the award, despite missing the first month of play because of a back injury. In his first game back on May 1, he hit a home run in his first at-bat. He was named the league's player of the month for May.

This year, Mauer also pocketed his second Rawlings Gold Glove Award and his third Louisville Silver Slugger Award.

Mauer joins an elite club of Twins who have won the MVP award, including Justin Morneau in 2006, Rod Carew in 1977, Harmon Killebrew in 1969 and Zoilo Versalles in 1965. The MVP award is based on votes from the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

Mauer is only the second catcher in 33 years to win the award.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

I got the giggles. I mean seriously. Nothing is better than dressing up for Halloween. I thought of our costumes over a month ago, before I knew John and Kate Plus Eight was going to be a global Halloween sensation. None the less we donned our Gosselin gear and had a blast. I wish you could see the full glory of my Hubby's costume. We used a little chocolate brown eyeliner to enhance, "John's," eyes AND we borrowed a pair of vintage rhinestone clip on earrings from the Nickster (thank you love). But, JV's best prop was a pack of ciggies. We roared with laughter as he pretended to be a veteran smoker. He looked the part until he inadvertently dropped his unlit smoke in his cocktail. The cat was outta the bag.
And then he figured out a ciggy would fit perfectly in this baby's mouth.

I mean this is frickin' hilarious. Thanks to Hank for letting us borrow his stroller and the neighbor girl for borrowing me the eighth Cabbage Patch Kid.

The whole gang dressed up!

But the most creative costume was definitely Amy B. She was the above girl from the famous Roy Lichtenstein paintings.

I mean look at the work she went to. I just bought a stupid wig.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Nooncy!

Dear, Sweet Brutha Nooncy...
Happy birthday my friend! Come on over and I'll make you birthday dinner tonight!
LOVE this photo-damn Twins-he shoulda caught that! Do I really have to wait until Spring to see Mauer again :) ?
Love you!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Keeping the Turpin family in our thoughts...

hey-lo everyone. it's a somber day today. if you haven't been updated about the loss of lil Jack check in on the Turpin family blog. no words can put it in perspective. love, support and well wishes are being sent to TX. KJ and Dan we luv you. Read more here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rest In Peace Jessie...

Recently, I have had a few deep blog posts, so I write this at the risk of being morbid.
This evening I attended a funeral for the young woman you see to the left. Young, as in 24 years, young. Young, as in born in 1984, young. Young, as in at the age where ones body should be fit, healthy, athletic. Perhaps this is the reason her death has me thinking about my own mortality and how a healthy life can often be taken for granted. She was an athlete, an artist, a singer, a graduate with a degree in interior design, an animal lover, full of charm and quick wit. She fought hard, at one point asking her doctor if she could have her slogan word, PERSEVERANCE, tattooed to the back of her bald head. She was a beautiful girl, remarkably stunning even sans hair. A bright smile and a courageous family supporting her in her fight. Nothing seems fair about loss of life, and a long, hard struggle with a incurable and inconsiderate disease, not when you have so much left to do on this earth.
I left the service tonight with profound sadness and a new sense of purpose. Jessie's family shared some entries from her journal. She was a woman wise beyond her twenty-four years. She talked of living a life without any should haves. No regrets, no wishing you had done differently. I will think of her often, living my life with her in mind... without any should haves.
To read about Jessie's journey from her Caring Bridge website follow this link.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some days I ramble on. This, that, the other.

Today isn't that sort of day.

All I really want to say is Happy Birthday Oliver.

Brookid and Jerrid love you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

R.I.P. Brandy Wine

If you have ever had a pet you get it. It doesn't matter if it's a feline, canine or equine they make a huge impact on our heart and make life just that much sweeter. Sure, sure, they may shred a pair of two of designer shoes, but really, it was your fault for not putting them away anyway. And yes, they may give ya a little attitude when you strap the ole saddle around their midsection, but honestly, how would YOU like carrying YOU around? So, I guess what I am trying to say is, without doubt it's work, sometimes H-A-R-D work to raise an animal of any kind. Factor in the expense of food/hay/corn/shelter/vet bills/treats/pet sitters and you can kiss that fabulous Hawaiian get-a-way goodbye. But the fact of the matter is every pet owner I know would do it again anyway. Animals can provide this unconditional love like no other. They trust, they depend, they are never disappointed you had to come back home to make sure the curling iron was unplugged. The only time you find yourself wondering, "why the hell did I own this animal," is when you feel the raw emotion of having to say goodbye to them. Why would we fall in love, nurture and care so deeply for these animals knowing we will likely outlive them by years if not decades? It's because no one else would wag a tail harder when you come home from a bad day at the office. It's because no one else would whiney with glee at a rolled apple & oat treat and a bucket of corn. It's because the bond between animal and human is truly a miraculous thing to behold.

With that said we say a lump-throated, "so long," to Brandy, a perfectly appointed quarter horse. Who's heart was as big as her belly and her spirit as fiery and the white blaze marked upon her nose. I send a huge hug through the phone line and the blogosphere to Craig and Joanie, who's farm is a little quiet tonight. I (and I know they do too) picture Brandy, her mane tousled by the wind galloping through those big green fields in the sky. Some day when I meet her there I might just finally be brave enough to ride her.

A favorite video of Brandy and Miss Kato:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best boys in town...

Oh gosh. Remember way back three/four moons ago when I spoke of my HOT date with two fine lads? Oh, yah baby (or should I say, "oh, yah boy?) it was so H-O-T we needed to call in the MG fire fighters!

So, where do I even begin to tell the tale of summer love? Maybe I should start with Hank driving the big rig. He was fearless and mighty! Inquiries were made about every bell, whistle, nook and cranny. God bless the firefighters on duty! But most importantly buddies bonded, "buddies don't shake hands, buddies gotta HUG! P-man shared a lick (and a few drips) of his home made ice cream cone (and ate half a package of blueberries-sorry MOM). He was sugary sweet! We met this crazy cat who makes all sorts of critters and creatures and the occasional custom sword outta nothing but a balloon and a bunch of hot air. But, that's not it! There's more! The best was conversation over a non-alcoholic drink of water... water outta a lions head! Talk about giggles! Not to mention the inadvertent wet T-shirt competition! Soooo sweet it will put a pimple on yer butt! Awe, cute!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Totally Crazy...

Remember when summer got long? Do you really remember what it felt like to sing, "Moooooom, I'mmmm Borrreeeeeed!"? My parents enforced the no TV in the summer rule, "turn it off and go outside." I'm not complaining, I'm just saying there where summers when there was time for TV. I can't remember the last time I was, "borrreeeeeed." As I prepare to flip the calender to August I'm wondering where the last two months went? Has summer really even started? Now, back to school ads and flyers.... Rude!
But tonight... tonight I have a very important date with two of the West Metro's most handsome lads. I promise I'll get you photos.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your eye's aren't foolin...

It's me, it's really, really me. This blog has not been abandoned nor will she ever. I'm still alive. I'm still kickin. I'm still sassy as ever. I've been on a summer hiatus trying to get this, that and the other thing done and still trying to fit in some chilly summer fun. But, I've been thinking of you, so enough of the cold shoulder already. Swing on back in a day or so for the cliff notes on the past month. It's been a damn good one.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday(s) Big Snoot and Molly!

Now come on girls, hold onto your hats and handbags, I didn't forget... It might be 8:47pm on your birthdays, but I wouldn't dare rest my head without wishing you both HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

First, my big cousin (second from the left). Well, she's not really big, she is actually quite smallish. When I say, "big," I just mean older. Ahhh, yup, older. That's one thing I always have on her. Gotta love it. But, here's the deal. This smallish-big cousin of mine has been around, well, since my induction to this world in 1977. I have the pics of her, dons her go-go boots, holding me when I was just a wee lil' baby. (I wish you could hear me giggling...) Somewhere, somehow, back in time we became Snoots. I think it all started with her snail mail notes. Always the pen(wo)manship I aspired to have and always a Boynton card. Aways greeting me as Little Snoot and signing off as Big Snoot. It's just always been that way and I love it, love her, love that no matter what I do she is stuck with me cuz I'm fam (and bigger than her in a physical stature kinda way which means I can be the bully). Good times, bad times, times of too many vodka/soda/splash of cran whatever the hell it is you drink, she's my Big Snoot. Love you and happy birthday.

Now, to my Moll-Doll. I dare you to find a kinder hearted woman this one here. It's not possible, they don't just make em any better! Here's the deal. Have you ever run across a person who looks in your eyes and genuinely cares (and listens) to what nonsense your sayin? The kind of person who seemingly knows exactly what to say in most any situation to make you feel better? The kind of person you are just drawn to because they emit positive energy? This is Molly. An incredible woman, a loving soul and true-blue keeper-of-a -friend. Loves and hugs and well wishes to you Molly, happy birthday too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Dinner

So most nights it's pretty casual 'round my casa. We may fire up the grill, but then again we may just have a bowl of cereal with bananas. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a gourmet even on my best culinary days, but every once in a while I hit the nail pretty square on the head. Sundays are usually my days to spend a little more time on dinner and try out some new, and old favorites, from the oodles of recipes I hoard. Sunday I set out to try Pioneer Woman's Baked Lemon Pasta. But, I needed to make my own mark on this noodly-mess-of-complex-carbohydrates. Pardon me while I toot my own horn, but it totally rocked. It so rocked it had this effect on my family. Totally not kidding. And just for fun cuz he loves it when I post pics like this... Eat yer heart out (and a bowl full of pasta.).
My variation to the, "P-dubya Woman's," Baked Lemon Pasta...
At least double the amount of garlic she calls for. I mean come on it's Sunday, it's a must. Next time I'm skipping the parsley, cuz it's like eating rough air, and I'm totally going basil. I LOVE BASIL. Lastly, I sauteed some HUGE shrimp, bought from some weird door to door Schwans-wanna-be, in garlic/butter and placed them atop the mound of garlic-lemon goodness just before serving. Mmmmmmmmm, gooooooooood.

A Monday Giggle.

I don't care who you are... whats not funny about this?!?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is TWINS territory!

So, the other weekend a troop of true-blue Twinkies fans (and a few stinky Brewers fans too:) took in 9 innings for the final season of MN baseball in the inflatable toilet. I tried my hardest to get noticed by Bert. I do hereby pronounce Bert a stupid poop for not circling me. Final answer. I even hooked Lola up with a sign since she made the long, hard trek from the lone star state. He didn't see her either. I might be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, since perhaps the nosebleeds are out of camera range. What ever makes you feel better, right? Pman found a little comfort in a root beer float and a bag of Cracker Jacks. Patrick ate one of those ever famous sundaes consumed via wooden spatula. No word on when either of the tike's came down from their sugar induced highs. Also, no word on how many $6.75 Miller Lights were consumed... Gotta keep ya guessin'.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Peas and Tater Tot.

"Me and Ellen is just like peas and carrots."

Well, it may not be a farm by your standards, but is sure is by mine. Year two and we are older, cuter and wiser. Remember last year when the pumpkins hung from the corn stalks and the zucchini nearly suffocated the melons? No need to tell us twice. We've lived, learned and invited our resident horticulturist, Mark. No, I'm not kidding. He's a pro. Proven by some sort of gibberish regarding two rows of corn instead of one for cross pollination. I know! We also got smart and and opted for power vs turning the earth by hand. We planted in proper rows, sections and mounds as necessary. We fenced the tomatoes with proper gates instead of PVC, 2b4's and other sturdy construction materials. So here's the roster for the garden 2009: sweet corn , tomatoes (cherry, heirloom, big boy and yes even a few yellow ones), the chives are alive, cilantro, numerous varieties of peppers (ranging from red bell to burn your eyeballs out habanero), green beans, onions, carrots, cucumbers for canning, cucumbers for slicing, melons and sweet peas. So yah, hose off your farmer feet, cuz that's that.

"Movin' dirt and labrador retrievers."

So sweet peas are, well sweet, but you ain't seen nothing till you catch a look at our four-legged farm hands. Roll call! You 'member Foster, right? Lil, Zoom was getting some extra care at the doggie hospital-happy to report she is doing well. Here'z Miss Kato. But I'm pretty sure you haven't got a good look at Tater Tot. Ah, corn shucks, she's got the cutest smile I've ever seen. She's sassy, she's spunky and she's got a face a labrador loves.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Deal On Tonka!

No matter which way you slice it Mondays can be a bummer. You can't get any further away from the weekend and Mondays mark the start of 5 count em F.I.V.E. days in a row of waking to a screeching alarm. Damn. I, my friends, have found the second most fabulous Monday thang, aside from my new fav show, Dancing With The Stars. Snicker if you wish, I love that hokey arse show. Anyway, if the Rumba and Tango aren't your cup-o-tea I might just have another way to make your Monday a little brighter. How bout a spot in the sun? Right on the water's edge of Lake Minnetonka? 6 cold Miller Lite bottles ($.99 each!?!)? Two cheeseburgers with all the fixings ($5 buck-er-roos each!?!)? Valet parking and gratuity? All for 26, "skeeters," or dollars as my DAD calls em. I know! Lord Fletcher's boasts some of the best real estate on the water and top notch people watching. Monday nights they pack em in for the best deal in the west suburbs. Go there, bring your cute spouse and embrace a Monday for once already.

A Love/Hate Thang...

Eating healthy. I think it's the difference between me getting rid of 5lbs and staying status quot at 142 pounds of spunk, sass and a tad of cellulite. I don't eat bad necessarily, but I could eat better. So basically, I'm making sure we eat fresh veges and fruits in all the colors of the rainbow daily. At the top of my list is a tender bundle of fresh asparagus. Easy-peasy made on the grill to accompany a char-broiled turkey burger. I just clean em up, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Bundle them up in a neat, little, tin foil package and toss them on the barbe. Simmer to perfection in about 15-17 minutes. Yummy-yum-yum. So if you haven't caught on THIS is the LOVE part. Now for the HATE. Doing the body good by consuming this low cal, rich in beta-carotene, vitamins B, C and E, potassium, zinc, iodine and fab folate food has a terrible side effect. Stinky #1 people. Bad, bad, bad smelling urine. Wierd, huh? At least we live in a day and age where I can simply google, "asparagus stinky urine," and find out exactly what the dealio is. This in turn got me thinking... It's a good day for a poll. Let the world know if you are a stinky asparagus pee-er ro not, come on... it'll be fun.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Day MOM!

So, I'm a day behind. I have a good excuse though! I spent the weekend with my MOMMY. We did all the things MOMs and thirty-something daughters like to do together. We got manicures and pedicures... We shopped and lunched... We reminisced and gossiped... We drank enough cocktails to make today feel like rehab.

To my MOM, my MOM-in-law, my Auntie who is like a MOM and every other MAMA under the sun-I hope you had a great Mother's Day full of breakfasts in bed and heartfelt wishes. A round of X's and O's to everyone who turns their head when someone yells, "Heeeey MOM!" at the grocery store! Yesterday was all about you and I hope your perhaps otherwise naughty munchkins (age 3 to 30+) gave ya a break for the day. Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We did it! We came! We ran! We hobbled to Fletcher's and drank Bloody Marys'. We could not have ordered a better day for the 13.1 mile jaunt. Warm, not hot, sun and a pleasantly cool reading on the thermometer. Thankfully the course was beautiful, trailing along Lake Minnetonka which took my mind off of all the hills-sort of. The goal was to just finish the damn thing before they dismantled the balloons from the finish line at 2 hrs and 25 mins. We strolled in easy, breezy, at 2:14: some odd seconds. Over 1,000 people finishing before us and over 500 people finishing after us (thankfully). Thank you to Martina and P-man and Nicki and Henry for picking us up at the finish line and taking us directly to greasy burgers/fries and vodka. Thank you to my Hubby for running with me, when he easily could have taken off and left me in the dust.
FYI: The rest of the afternoon I could be found horizontal, covered in ice packs to remove the heat from my irritated joints.
I wasn't up for the challenge of carrying a camera on the race (sorry). But, take a look at the official slide show and see who was caught strolling through a water station!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had a New Year's resolution to drink more water, and I did. For a day or two. Then I fell off the wagon just like virtually every other resolution-er did. Hydrating is so important, this I know. Keeps your body running on all cylinders, maintains your mental focus and stimulates your body metabolically along with a whole host of additional benefits. I know, if I could just up my H2O intake I could get rid of the last 3-4 pounds I want to shed AND feel better in general. I mean, this machine can not idle on coffee, Diet Coke and Gin & Tonics alone (although I would like to try it). In my quest I need to up the annie or antie or whatever the hell it is. First, lets state the obvious. Clear, fresh ice. I gotta feel the cold hit the back of my throat and slide all the way down my esopogus. The secret is in the slices-orange, lemon, lime, cucumber, etc. I'm keeping a pitcher of aqua in my fridge at all times snazzied up with fresh produce, adding just a hint of fresh flavor. If this doesn't keep me on the straight and narrow I'm a lost cause. Go on-adjust the recipe as you see fit and drink up my friends.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! Introducing the 32C cup?!?

I must start out with a disclaimer. One of my most loyal readers is my fabulous father-in-law. While I have been seriously letting him down lately with slim postings this may be too much information for him. Sorry Craig-er read on at the risk of knowing waaaay more than you want to!

Let me preface by saying I have been living a lie. A complete and total fallacy. I have been writing, living and, "hoisting,"
around what I have believed to be a pair of 34B cups. Until late last week. I swooped into a great sale at Macy's to stock up on some new (and long over due) over-the-shoulder-boulder(or in my case pebble)-holders. I had no idea my life would be forever changed by a Russian bra saleswoman. She spoke quickly, swiftly and I deciphered about 82% of what she said. As I awaiting the clearance of my check card she starred directly into my nipples and asked the dreaded question. "I measure you?" I bet my eyes were as big as DD cups as I quickly calculated how to politely say, "no frickin way you-former-Soviet-Union-er-you." But, I caved. I mean Oprah made it known-MOST woman are wearing the wrong size undergarments. She swung her tape measure, measured this, that and the other things and before you know it she proclaimed her professional assessment in her heavy brogue, "tirty-two C cup!" Holy crap! I was stunned as she explained the logistics of the cup placement and strap alignment. Nodding my head and pretending to understand, hoping she would unlock the fitting room door and show herself out. I did just as the bra-dictator told me and before you could say Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, I was a believer. A better fit, a more comfortable fit and above all else a C cup.

Now, the real question arises? What to do about Ramblings of a 34B cup, huh, huh, huh?

And another little secret... These are the best bras ever! Wire free support and enough padding to protect against chilly weather poke throughs! With a Macy's sale and coupon I scored 5 (count em F-I-V-E great bras for 85 bucks! Love it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Birthday Celebration for the Nick-ster!

One of my best buddy-o-pals had a birthday over the weekend. She claims she's a C cup, but I think she'd be a D if she met the Russian lingerie lady at Macy's (more info on this tomorrow). Anywho, I love her regardless of cup size, and made a special birthday cake to commemorate the event. I wonder when the kids will start asking questions about funny things like 3-D cakes? I also wonder when my friends (and myself, gulp) got old enough to need two boxes of birthday cake candles.? I mean, when did we all decide to grow up? Great birthday party, great weather for porch living and an amazing birthday girl. Happy birthday Nicki!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More than a miracle.

Talk about spring fever. The grass is just starting to green up and a few lucky trees are beginning to bud. While I'm not sure about filling my window boxes with blooms just yet I am desperate to play in the dirt. But this. This is gonna take more than Miracle Grow, I'm gonna need a flat out miracle. But I was sold immediately when I scored these three mini herb cachepots. Here's how weird the science is behind this. A little dried up turd of dirt grows like those ever expanding foam toys by, "just adding water." Directions request adding no more than ten seeds to the tiny pots. Of course, if 10 are good the whole pack is better, right? Sprinkle (as not to flood) them with water daily and hope 65 degrees and sun becomes a little more common. Oregano, Sweet Basil and Chives - I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hurtin' Fer Certain...

What the hell did we get ourselves into? When I said, "sure," I didn't really think he would do it. He says he's gonna do lots of stuff and never does. Of course I say that in the most patient and loving of tones. But, now it's done. Two entry fees paid for the Wells Fargo half marathon and now two prides are on the line with 4 weeks til go time. Today we logged 7.6 miles. My right hip was screaming, my left knee was throbbing and my right top molar had its own heartbeat. Yes, my tooth was mad about the run too. His right foot was causing him to run with this funny gait that made him look 90. Is this what it feels like to be 90? What is going on with us? Cardiovascularly we both coulda ran another 7.6, but our bodies were done. Two Tylenol each, three ice packs and and hour of good comedy on CBS tonight. I'm hoping it will help me forget we have less than a month until race time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Deep thoughts from Miss Kato...

Remember waaay back when? Back when my loyal servants thought I didn't belong on furniture? I knew they would crack. Especially the softy. She melts when I cross my paws and blink my big yellow eyes. This is all well and good when I am jonsin' for one of those fancy Milk Bones or when I am looking for a nibble of her P.B. toast. But, sometimes the Queen of this ranch has gotta sleep! I drop hints like, "Um, excuse me, but can you turn off the flash on that thing?" She acts like I'm in the mood for yet another photo session for that blog thing she wastes time on. Ahhh well, the trade offs for living the life of K9 royalty. Now LAY DOWN, I gotta snuggle in for my nap.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Smooth Operator

First, a bone to pick. I am a pretty faithful Cuisinart appliance purchaser. I love my quad toaster, totally dig the hell-outta my Grind-N-Brew coffee pot and use my crock pots/slow cookers like no ones biz. But the blender is a different story. I don't mind dropping a little extra cash on a quality appliance. The whole, "you get what you pay for," situation. But when you burn through two $150 blenders in a matter of four years it's a little ridic. A blender! You know, the appliance which takes up a ton of space and is a total pain to wash. The appliance you bust out when Jose (Cuervo) comes to visit. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not making margaritas every night so a blender should last at least a decade, shouldn't it? Anyway, blender 2 just crapped the bed and I refused to buy another.

Tada! My new favorite thing!

Bella Cucina (which sounds kinda Food Network fancy) makes this great one cup blender and it totally kicks tail. My hubby and I are smoothin' it out everyday in our quest to prep for the summer season. Here's how the smooth operator works. Start to fini about 5 minutes.

Prep is no sweat.
Dole frozen fruit (strawberries, wild blueberries, dark red cherries-defrosted about 30 secs in the micro).
A shot of orange or apple juice for smooth drinkability.
A scoop of Trader Joe's soy protein (depending on the day).
A ripe naner (ba-nanar is a must if you use protein powder).
A scoop or two of Yoplait fat free vanilla yogurt.

Screw on the blade, flip-er over and one little press till perfect blendafication (try that word in your next game of Scrabble). Any-who 34B cup made up words or not. Get one NOWISH. 50% off at Macy's! You're just 30 bucks away from fabo smoothies and 4 easy servings of fruit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion Friday: The Broken-in Tee

The lap of luxury or perhaps comfort. Not to be confused with the boxy tee you get for finishing a 5K. The broken in tee has scrupulous tailoring skim the curves of the bod. The result. Laid back, but not sloppy. Comfortable and classy. The, "I didn't work very hard on this outfit and I still look adorable," look. My favorite source? The Crew. I know-your shocked. Spend a little time on their site and notice worn tees don't have to be Plain-Jane. Embellishments welcome. Layer these great tees under your favorite cardigan or suiting. Or don one a la carte with a great pair of denim or chinos. After all, it's Friday. Get comfy-look cute.

See you Monday for my new favorite thing.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Griffin is Here!!!

This is unbelievable! Imagine arriving at the hospital at 11:55pm, pushing 4 (yes four) times (without drugs) and having a beautiful baby boy in your arms by 12:43am. Unreal. Then look this great (showered, hair done and make up perfectly in check) ready for visitors. All I know is I'm sure glad I'm not next in line to have a bebe. I'm certain I won't make it look this glamorous. Aw, ain't these a great looking pair of bambinos? And, of course, check out whoobie no. 2. Congrats Willie fam. You did great!

I should let you know I am not worried about the Asian Bird Flu or anything. Just a classic case of the sniffles, which I refuse to pass to this little bundle of joy, hence the creepy mask. And yes, I have a big, toothy smile underneath that 3M material that makes your face sweat like a, "floozy in church." Lord, knows I should be ready for a baby on board sign in my car. I corralled one, two, three, four, five and six of em at Lini's daycare yesterday. Solo, I might add. Everyone happy (mostly), well fed and above all well loved by the Bcup.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just cuz...

A photo today just cuz even on the worst of worst days I still feel like the luckiest lady in the world to have these two knuckle-heads in my life. Not that today is a bad day or anything, but I'm just counting my blessings. Love you two!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Enjoy a pint, or two or three. Hell, have ten or twelve for all I care! Just call it luck of the Irish if you can still get up on time for work tomorrow, if ya have to go that is :)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Up here in the frigid tundra we call Min-knee-soooo-da vitamin D has been on back order. Oh, yah, hey, we've really missed havin' the sunshine for the last 4 months. So if we look at little desperate at 56 degrees Fahrenheit-we are. We, I mean my hubby, gets reacquainted with the grill. Yup, we break out the lawn chairs. We tuck em back in the garage, safe from the wind and right, smack dab, in the center of the sun's rays. We bust out frozen can cool-ies from the freezer and dip into the icy cold brew-ha-ha supply. Just add neighbors and voila-instant par-tay. Now those knuckleheads who are out and about sporting shorts? Now, those are some seriously hearty souls (and slightly nucking futs, if ya know what I mean).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Heirlooms.

I'm in full fledge purge mode (again). This weekend I cleaned out every drawer in my kitchen-the pesky junk drawer included. I gave Goodwill more Pampered Chef gadgets than you can shake a wooden spoon at(sorry MOM). I'm living life under a new personal mantra, slogan, motto whatever you call it. If I don't love it and if it isn't going to be loved by future generations it's out. So with that said, if I got somethin' you want you better tell me now. I can put a piece of masking tape with your name printed on it and you can have it when I'm gone-maybe sooner (PS I'm not planning on going anywhere). Speak now else ya run the risk of, "it," showing up in the donation pile or collecting points in the recycling bin (if it's recyclable and weighty!). But here's the point... when my kids/grandkids/friends clean out my house they won't have to lug box upon box of, "saved treasures," out the door. In my mind that's both good news (no saved paper clippings and baby teeth) and bad news (no masters hats) all rolled into one. See the knuckle heads (Nooncy and Hubby) found their perfect treasure from their Grandpa Hubert. They remember these hats as his staple headgear any time he hit the links. Not a club was swung without a bottle of warm water and a masters hat. This, plus fond memories of Grandpa hitting the ball off two-breast-like-hills or , "hitting it off the boobs," equals the need to have these cherished family heirlooms. So think about it. What will you be remembered for?

Oh and speaking of family. Calling all of the Cholick fam-dam: check out our official reunion blog!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Remembering Charlie...

March 6th. Bitter and sweet. This sweet little boy was born to two of the best parents ever - 8 years ago. His stay was short, but his impact on this world has endured. I swallow the lump in my throat and find solace in the fact that Charlie is among angels... Happy Birthday sweet, little boy and happy anniversary to your very special parents, whom I love dearly.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!

Happy Birthday to my little Mama Bear! Little as in all 5 ft 2.5 inches of her. She's a live one this mama-o-mine and as sassy as the day is long(wonder no longer where I get it from). I'll never forget the year she turned the big 6-zero. She specifically said she didn't need to have a party with customized, "Over The Hill," invitations. She didn't need everyone knowing how old she was gonna be. Opps! Little did she know the invites were already signed, sealed, delivered. Ahhh, but that was a few years ago and I'm sure by now she won't mind the entire blogosphere knowing she's a year older. I just hope, pray, wish and hope a little more that I look this good when I am cashing in all those senior discounts. Ha! Happy Birthday MOM. I love you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remembering Grandma Tootie...

Grandmas are special. Grandma Tootie is no exception. Loved for her kind heart and sassy personality. Renowned for her harvest dinners (think peaks upon peaks of mashed potatoes) and banana bread. Honored for her membership in the church and her high scoring bowling game. Known as a, "senior statistician," with the Minnesota Twins. Her memory lives on in story after story told about her over the weekend. We didn't hold a funeral per say, but rather a true celebration of life for a woman who lived a full one. She lives on in the hearts and memories of her 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren and countless other family members and friends. We love you Grandma Tootie - we will miss you. We will never forget you.

Obituary from the Lakefield Standard:

Funeral services for Dolores Cholick of Lakefield took place Sunday, March 1, 2009, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lakefield, with Fr. Charles Quinn officiating. Burial was in the St. John’s The Baptist Catholic Cemetery in Minneota Township, Jackson County. Dolores Cholick died Feb. 26, 2009, at the Colonial Manor in Lakefield. Hansen Funeral Home of Lakefield handled the funeral arrangements.

Dolores “Tootie” Helen Cholick, daughter of George and Clara (Schumacher) Havier, was born on Dec. 29, 1922, in Lakefield. Tootie grew up in Lakefield and graduated from Lakefield High School in 1940. Following her education, Tootie was employed at Walker Insurance Agency and later worked at M.N. Johnson Mercantile until 1947. She married Hubert Cholick on Feb. 17, 1947, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lakefield. Following their marriage, the couple resided on a farm in Minneota Township, Jackson County, and Tootie worked at Campbell Soup Company in Worthington and later at Berkley’s in Spirit Lake, Iowa, until she retired.

Hubert passed away on Oct. 29, 1998, and Tootie continued to live in her home until she entered Colonial Manor in Lakefield on Dec. 12, 2007. Tootie was a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lakefield and served as a trustee. She was a member of Lakefield Council of Catholic Women and served as treasurer for eight years, and was a member of St. Bertha’s Guild. She also was a charter member of the Hanson-Ward V.F.W. Auxiliary and belonged to Minneota Project. Tootie enjoyed cooking, playing bingo, bowling and socializing with friends.

Tootie is survived by her children, Marie and her husband, Marvin Rickert of West Des Moines, Iowa, Hugh and his wife, Deborah of Duluth, Ga., Robert Cholick and his fiancé, Rose of Norcross, Ga., Joan and her husband, Craig Voss of Lakefield, and Thomas Cholick of rural Lakefield; fifteen grandchildren; twelve great-grandchildren; and two brothers, Richard Havier of Knoxville, Iowa, and Michael and his wife, Susan Donaldson of Lakefield.Tootie was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Hubert; and one brother, Gerald

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Laurie!

Happiest birthday wishes ever being sent off to my buddy-0-pal Laurie! Never in my life have I met a sassier, hotter, smarter, confident-er (that is word, right?) gal. She's the total package all bundled up in a beautiful, ivory scarf and a designer bag!

Let's just run through her stats real quick like:

A brain for numbers: CHECK, although not in an awkward accountant sort of way. My apologies to all the awkward accountants.

The legs of a hoopster: CHECK, she was a Pierre Governor for cryin' out loud.

A domestic diva: 1/2 CHECK, not so much on the domestic part but a titch diva.

The heart of a great friend: TOTAL CHECK, tried and true.

Happy Birthday Love! Hope it is the best-est one yet!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "whoobie."

Come on, pleez say you know what I am talking about? If not, you need to get in touch with your inner 80's and rent Mr. Mom. It was only one of the best movies E-V-E-R! The coveted whoobie, the security blanket, the blankie people. Every kid needs one, don't they? Oh fur-sure they do and guess what? I MADE one! Now, don't look close, it was the very first and as I keep cranking them out I will get better at it... Quilter's promise. So this quilting thing-it takes a little planning. You even have to use a little of that menacing math you learned in grade school. First step pre-wash all the fabric to ensure you don't run into any shrinkage. Next, the fabric is cut with that pizza cutter tool you see to the left. After all those little squares are cut you gotta spritz each one with lavender water (helps baby sleep) and iron each and every one of them flat as a pancake. Now get your machine (I power a Brother-each your heart out Singer people. Ok, fine, not really, but it gets the job done.) out and warmed up. Aren't I the cutest little quilter you've ever seen? Here's my proud shot (notice it's morning). I'm getting closer! The backing is on (too bad you can't see its past dinner-almost bed time)! If you think at this point you are done forget it. Any good crafter has to mark his or her territory. I chose a patch, hand embroidered (that makes it sound nice and neat. It wasn't) my signature. Taaa-daaa! Finished product, hand crafted for Baby E. (girl-that's my guess)!

Monday, February 23, 2009

237 posts ago...

...blog was born out of the need to find creative release in cyber space. It was just over one year ago that I typed my very first post - ahhhh those were the days... Before I knew how to upload and hyperlink photos or add polls or funky music to my site. Hmmmm, back when adding a new post was at the very tippety-top of my neaty printed to do list. Not saying that it's not still on the list, but lets get real. The B cups have had a few things going on these last few weeks which have trump-d blogging. But, we're gonna swing outta this winter funk we got rocking and ride this blog like a dirt bike. I know all ya'll still risin' and shinin' at the crack of dawn need something to do while enjoying a cup of joe in your cube. I still have all sorts of crap to write and my vow to keep this bloggy as current as Amy B's hair color still holds true. So keep coming back for another healthy helping... more taste, less filing.

Tomorrow, I get all crafty. See my newest hobby before I move on to something else.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It takes a village...

Young, impressionable minds. Yearning to soak up knowledge and skills, perhaps preparing them for the rest of theirs lives. Indeed it takes a village to teach a bright, young, vivacious children how to deal with losing and hopefully winning too. Is it a problem these lessons are preached via a fist full of pull tabs? I didn't think so...

Guess what tomorrow is? It's a BIG day. Did I stump you? Here's a little hint: two hundred and twenty two. Come back tomorrow and see for yourself.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some call it luck...

So I'm not SUPER superstitious. I'll gladly walk under a ladder. I'll break a mirror just for the drama-of-it during a good argument (so, not really, but wouldn't that be kinda fun?). And
Friday's that fall on the 13th have never really freaked me out. BUT, I so think someone is thinking of me when my nose itches (all good, I hope). I ALWAYS make strong eye contact when, "clanking," glasses after a toast (a lifetime of bad sex if you don't!). I totally make a wish on stars, eyelashes, wish bones and birthday candles. I never pick up a tails up penny. And I seriously used to think if I didn't, "shoot," my morning Q-tip right into the waste basket it meant a bad day for sure. But, my hubby doesn't think anything is about luck. Good luck, bad luck or indifferent luck (if there is such a thing) is not part of his mantra. So he didn't think a thing of it when he opened up his fortune cookie this weekend and it was... Empty. (Que the creepy mood music... reeet, reeet, reeet, reeet...)
Ok, but if you are a titchy-bit superstitious toss a little salt over your shoulder and check out this website for all the crap you need to start worrying about.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nothin' good happens after midnight?!?

Woweee! Nothing like living the high life, acting like you're still 21! Maybe it's cause Turbo and I were room-mates when we were 21-ish. That was back when Turbs drank nothing but, "The champagne of beers," or, "baseball beer as he called it." He probably had to consume a few beers to deal with livin' in a house full of girls. He claims we all once sat around and watched him scrub and scour the pizza-greased oven. Hmmmm, I plead the 5th. Well, anywho no Miller High Life this weekend, but plenty of Premiums, way too many Glueks, a couple of Honey Weiss' and a Blue Moon or two and we were well on the way. On the way to where is the question? We started out the evening acting our respective ages as we conversed about weather (ha), literature (ya right), the current economic state (bor-ing!) and boogers. Not just boogers, but boogers being flung and caught and well, you had to be there. But here's the thing, it was my first real opportunity to hang out with the gal that stole Turb's heart. Gotta watch out for an old friend, ya know? But here's the truth. Dustene is the coolest gal ever, I just love her. I even had to razz Turbo a little about how he fooled such a keeper to put up with him and his hot-dog-roaster/bun-toaster. But, alas he did and the four of us took Jackson by the balls (baseballs if you will). First stop Pillars, a fine establishment where I took the liberty of drawing something inappropriate and phallic on the dry erase board. Serves em right for leaving the markers out in plain site. Real mature, I know, but not illegal. Then straight to the LOD Baby or the Legion of Doom aka the American Legion (thanks Vets). To my surprise they were giving out, "souvenir," Budwieser/Twins glasses so Dustene and I each happily tucked one in our handbags. Um, totally mature and slightly illegal. So if you frequent J-town you know last call is always at Bucksnorts since they serve until 2. Whoever said nothing good happens after midnight clearly never stayed out until 2! We met this handsome devil, I sat in the best seat in the house and we snuck home with yet another Budweiser, "souvenir," beer bucket. I'm lucky I'm not in jail. 2pm, my judgement is clearly impaired and I have a feeling my bar-mates were in the same boat. But, who can call it quits without a round or two of night caps beers paired with a dominating round of Catch Phrase (and 2 bags of Doritos). Thankfully we had the where-with-all to call a semi-sober driver to take our stinky butts home (thank you my dear sweet Brotha Nooncy). This is what time it was when we got in the car to go home. 4am people. Four A-M is what time I drifted off (passed out) in bed. Hmmm, grow up? Nah.

Happy Birthday (x's 2)!

Hip happy birthday to a sassy little mama! This one she's a real live wire. She might want you to think she's all sweet and innocent, but I know better. Just as soon as you are free and clear from probation (she's pregers with no. 2) we are heading straight for whiskey-waters and some Harper Valley PTA karaoke (Brian has lots of make up sober driving to do!). To show you just how much I care, I am going straight the General Mills aisle to buy you a case of those fiber bars you love for your birthday! Happy Birthday Martina! Looking forward to celebrating this (and many more) birthdays with you!

And now, stay tuned for another special birthday wish...By now you all know about my friend Hank, right? Well it just so happens Hanks Gpa shares a birthday with Martina! I mean February 9th produced some dang good stock if you ask me. Gpa E is 'bout the best you can ask for, but it's no secret Aberdeen, SD is known for the smart, fun, cute peeps it breeds. Right? RIGHT? Anywho, I'm sure glad I've hooked up with Don and his fam, so sending a very Happy Birthday with across state lines. I'm looking forward to kum-bi-ya-ing the cops away from the camp fire again this summer with ya!
Tomorrow a crazy weekend wrap up.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fashion Friday: Interrupted.

Every once in again I have to exercise my authority around here and change it up a little. Today is one of those days. Today, it is more important to send a big ole shout out to the MOM's instead of talking about all the cute spring garb already lining the shelves and racks of retailers (more on this next week). We have had a little hiccup in the employment road at our casa. Nothing we won't overcome only to end up better off on the other end, but still... It's a little whack (side note: I love the word, "whack," I'm going to try and use it daily. Hip-er & lazier than, "whacky," and a lot less Carole Burnett-Laugh-Inny.). So, anyway it's what I like to call totally whack. The MOM's notice a little pick me up is in order and boy do they deliver. MN MOM sends a great golf shirt for the hubby to drool over until the weather cooperates 4 months from now and a, "keep a stiff upper lip," card. Thank you Joanie! SD MOM sends a package I call, "death by chocolate." (Just a little side note here... I ate a KING sized Butterfinger yesterday accidentally. You know you take a bite, twist the open end closed like a loaf of bread to signal, "no more." Then each time you pass by you take, "just one more little bite," and then you realize you might as well finish it off?) So, I say 2 weeks at absolute tops and all those KING bars will be gone. I had a bite of a Milky Way this morning, but now I'm serious. I'm done. On top of all that chocolate was a bag of K-9 junk food for Miss Kato. A secret envelope for Henry?!? (if it's money-I'm keepin it) And for me?!? That great, quilted, gray, patent leather handbag you see in the photo and a makeup bag full of cool hair product! Love, love, love it. I actually picked the handbag out for MOM to buy for herself. She has some crazy notion that she is too short to carry a big bag like that so it came back across the MN border and onto my shoulder. Whoo-hoo!

So thank you MOM's (and Dad's). XOXOXO and one more X to all of you.