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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rest In Peace Jessie...

Recently, I have had a few deep blog posts, so I write this at the risk of being morbid.
This evening I attended a funeral for the young woman you see to the left. Young, as in 24 years, young. Young, as in born in 1984, young. Young, as in at the age where ones body should be fit, healthy, athletic. Perhaps this is the reason her death has me thinking about my own mortality and how a healthy life can often be taken for granted. She was an athlete, an artist, a singer, a graduate with a degree in interior design, an animal lover, full of charm and quick wit. She fought hard, at one point asking her doctor if she could have her slogan word, PERSEVERANCE, tattooed to the back of her bald head. She was a beautiful girl, remarkably stunning even sans hair. A bright smile and a courageous family supporting her in her fight. Nothing seems fair about loss of life, and a long, hard struggle with a incurable and inconsiderate disease, not when you have so much left to do on this earth.
I left the service tonight with profound sadness and a new sense of purpose. Jessie's family shared some entries from her journal. She was a woman wise beyond her twenty-four years. She talked of living a life without any should haves. No regrets, no wishing you had done differently. I will think of her often, living my life with her in mind... without any should haves.
To read about Jessie's journey from her Caring Bridge website follow this link.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some days I ramble on. This, that, the other.

Today isn't that sort of day.

All I really want to say is Happy Birthday Oliver.

Brookid and Jerrid love you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

R.I.P. Brandy Wine

If you have ever had a pet you get it. It doesn't matter if it's a feline, canine or equine they make a huge impact on our heart and make life just that much sweeter. Sure, sure, they may shred a pair of two of designer shoes, but really, it was your fault for not putting them away anyway. And yes, they may give ya a little attitude when you strap the ole saddle around their midsection, but honestly, how would YOU like carrying YOU around? So, I guess what I am trying to say is, without doubt it's work, sometimes H-A-R-D work to raise an animal of any kind. Factor in the expense of food/hay/corn/shelter/vet bills/treats/pet sitters and you can kiss that fabulous Hawaiian get-a-way goodbye. But the fact of the matter is every pet owner I know would do it again anyway. Animals can provide this unconditional love like no other. They trust, they depend, they are never disappointed you had to come back home to make sure the curling iron was unplugged. The only time you find yourself wondering, "why the hell did I own this animal," is when you feel the raw emotion of having to say goodbye to them. Why would we fall in love, nurture and care so deeply for these animals knowing we will likely outlive them by years if not decades? It's because no one else would wag a tail harder when you come home from a bad day at the office. It's because no one else would whiney with glee at a rolled apple & oat treat and a bucket of corn. It's because the bond between animal and human is truly a miraculous thing to behold.

With that said we say a lump-throated, "so long," to Brandy, a perfectly appointed quarter horse. Who's heart was as big as her belly and her spirit as fiery and the white blaze marked upon her nose. I send a huge hug through the phone line and the blogosphere to Craig and Joanie, who's farm is a little quiet tonight. I (and I know they do too) picture Brandy, her mane tousled by the wind galloping through those big green fields in the sky. Some day when I meet her there I might just finally be brave enough to ride her.

A favorite video of Brandy and Miss Kato:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best boys in town...

Oh gosh. Remember way back three/four moons ago when I spoke of my HOT date with two fine lads? Oh, yah baby (or should I say, "oh, yah boy?) it was so H-O-T we needed to call in the MG fire fighters!

So, where do I even begin to tell the tale of summer love? Maybe I should start with Hank driving the big rig. He was fearless and mighty! Inquiries were made about every bell, whistle, nook and cranny. God bless the firefighters on duty! But most importantly buddies bonded, "buddies don't shake hands, buddies gotta HUG! P-man shared a lick (and a few drips) of his home made ice cream cone (and ate half a package of blueberries-sorry MOM). He was sugary sweet! We met this crazy cat who makes all sorts of critters and creatures and the occasional custom sword outta nothing but a balloon and a bunch of hot air. But, that's not it! There's more! The best was conversation over a non-alcoholic drink of water... water outta a lions head! Talk about giggles! Not to mention the inadvertent wet T-shirt competition! Soooo sweet it will put a pimple on yer butt! Awe, cute!