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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday(s) Big Snoot and Molly!

Now come on girls, hold onto your hats and handbags, I didn't forget... It might be 8:47pm on your birthdays, but I wouldn't dare rest my head without wishing you both HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

First, my big cousin (second from the left). Well, she's not really big, she is actually quite smallish. When I say, "big," I just mean older. Ahhh, yup, older. That's one thing I always have on her. Gotta love it. But, here's the deal. This smallish-big cousin of mine has been around, well, since my induction to this world in 1977. I have the pics of her, dons her go-go boots, holding me when I was just a wee lil' baby. (I wish you could hear me giggling...) Somewhere, somehow, back in time we became Snoots. I think it all started with her snail mail notes. Always the pen(wo)manship I aspired to have and always a Boynton card. Aways greeting me as Little Snoot and signing off as Big Snoot. It's just always been that way and I love it, love her, love that no matter what I do she is stuck with me cuz I'm fam (and bigger than her in a physical stature kinda way which means I can be the bully). Good times, bad times, times of too many vodka/soda/splash of cran whatever the hell it is you drink, she's my Big Snoot. Love you and happy birthday.

Now, to my Moll-Doll. I dare you to find a kinder hearted woman this one here. It's not possible, they don't just make em any better! Here's the deal. Have you ever run across a person who looks in your eyes and genuinely cares (and listens) to what nonsense your sayin? The kind of person who seemingly knows exactly what to say in most any situation to make you feel better? The kind of person you are just drawn to because they emit positive energy? This is Molly. An incredible woman, a loving soul and true-blue keeper-of-a -friend. Loves and hugs and well wishes to you Molly, happy birthday too.


Anonymous said...

Oh holy cow - are you sure you're talking about the right Molly? Seriously, you're being waaaaay too kind. We all know the truth! Honestly Brooke, such lovely lovely words. I thank you from the depth of my heart. Love you! Molly

gina said...

well said, brooke, you nailed Molly's essence!