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Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Peas and Tater Tot.

"Me and Ellen is just like peas and carrots."

Well, it may not be a farm by your standards, but is sure is by mine. Year two and we are older, cuter and wiser. Remember last year when the pumpkins hung from the corn stalks and the zucchini nearly suffocated the melons? No need to tell us twice. We've lived, learned and invited our resident horticulturist, Mark. No, I'm not kidding. He's a pro. Proven by some sort of gibberish regarding two rows of corn instead of one for cross pollination. I know! We also got smart and and opted for power vs turning the earth by hand. We planted in proper rows, sections and mounds as necessary. We fenced the tomatoes with proper gates instead of PVC, 2b4's and other sturdy construction materials. So here's the roster for the garden 2009: sweet corn , tomatoes (cherry, heirloom, big boy and yes even a few yellow ones), the chives are alive, cilantro, numerous varieties of peppers (ranging from red bell to burn your eyeballs out habanero), green beans, onions, carrots, cucumbers for canning, cucumbers for slicing, melons and sweet peas. So yah, hose off your farmer feet, cuz that's that.

"Movin' dirt and labrador retrievers."

So sweet peas are, well sweet, but you ain't seen nothing till you catch a look at our four-legged farm hands. Roll call! You 'member Foster, right? Lil, Zoom was getting some extra care at the doggie hospital-happy to report she is doing well. Here'z Miss Kato. But I'm pretty sure you haven't got a good look at Tater Tot. Ah, corn shucks, she's got the cutest smile I've ever seen. She's sassy, she's spunky and she's got a face a labrador loves.


gina said...

can you fly down to dixie and put a quick garden together for me? i'm desperate for tomatoes!

I'm Henry said...

Tater Tot looks good enough to eat!

iheartdesign said...

OOH Foster!!! i love those little bullys! And Miss K? What a sweet pea! PS...come over for a new outfit anytime!!! :)