Ramblings of a 34B cup...

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had a New Year's resolution to drink more water, and I did. For a day or two. Then I fell off the wagon just like virtually every other resolution-er did. Hydrating is so important, this I know. Keeps your body running on all cylinders, maintains your mental focus and stimulates your body metabolically along with a whole host of additional benefits. I know, if I could just up my H2O intake I could get rid of the last 3-4 pounds I want to shed AND feel better in general. I mean, this machine can not idle on coffee, Diet Coke and Gin & Tonics alone (although I would like to try it). In my quest I need to up the annie or antie or whatever the hell it is. First, lets state the obvious. Clear, fresh ice. I gotta feel the cold hit the back of my throat and slide all the way down my esopogus. The secret is in the slices-orange, lemon, lime, cucumber, etc. I'm keeping a pitcher of aqua in my fridge at all times snazzied up with fresh produce, adding just a hint of fresh flavor. If this doesn't keep me on the straight and narrow I'm a lost cause. Go on-adjust the recipe as you see fit and drink up my friends.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BREAKING NEWS! Introducing the 32C cup?!?

I must start out with a disclaimer. One of my most loyal readers is my fabulous father-in-law. While I have been seriously letting him down lately with slim postings this may be too much information for him. Sorry Craig-er read on at the risk of knowing waaaay more than you want to!

Let me preface by saying I have been living a lie. A complete and total fallacy. I have been writing, living and, "hoisting,"
around what I have believed to be a pair of 34B cups. Until late last week. I swooped into a great sale at Macy's to stock up on some new (and long over due) over-the-shoulder-boulder(or in my case pebble)-holders. I had no idea my life would be forever changed by a Russian bra saleswoman. She spoke quickly, swiftly and I deciphered about 82% of what she said. As I awaiting the clearance of my check card she starred directly into my nipples and asked the dreaded question. "I measure you?" I bet my eyes were as big as DD cups as I quickly calculated how to politely say, "no frickin way you-former-Soviet-Union-er-you." But, I caved. I mean Oprah made it known-MOST woman are wearing the wrong size undergarments. She swung her tape measure, measured this, that and the other things and before you know it she proclaimed her professional assessment in her heavy brogue, "tirty-two C cup!" Holy crap! I was stunned as she explained the logistics of the cup placement and strap alignment. Nodding my head and pretending to understand, hoping she would unlock the fitting room door and show herself out. I did just as the bra-dictator told me and before you could say Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, I was a believer. A better fit, a more comfortable fit and above all else a C cup.

Now, the real question arises? What to do about Ramblings of a 34B cup, huh, huh, huh?

And another little secret... These are the best bras ever! Wire free support and enough padding to protect against chilly weather poke throughs! With a Macy's sale and coupon I scored 5 (count em F-I-V-E great bras for 85 bucks! Love it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Birthday Celebration for the Nick-ster!

One of my best buddy-o-pals had a birthday over the weekend. She claims she's a C cup, but I think she'd be a D if she met the Russian lingerie lady at Macy's (more info on this tomorrow). Anywho, I love her regardless of cup size, and made a special birthday cake to commemorate the event. I wonder when the kids will start asking questions about funny things like 3-D cakes? I also wonder when my friends (and myself, gulp) got old enough to need two boxes of birthday cake candles.? I mean, when did we all decide to grow up? Great birthday party, great weather for porch living and an amazing birthday girl. Happy birthday Nicki!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More than a miracle.

Talk about spring fever. The grass is just starting to green up and a few lucky trees are beginning to bud. While I'm not sure about filling my window boxes with blooms just yet I am desperate to play in the dirt. But this. This is gonna take more than Miracle Grow, I'm gonna need a flat out miracle. But I was sold immediately when I scored these three mini herb cachepots. Here's how weird the science is behind this. A little dried up turd of dirt grows like those ever expanding foam toys by, "just adding water." Directions request adding no more than ten seeds to the tiny pots. Of course, if 10 are good the whole pack is better, right? Sprinkle (as not to flood) them with water daily and hope 65 degrees and sun becomes a little more common. Oregano, Sweet Basil and Chives - I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hurtin' Fer Certain...

What the hell did we get ourselves into? When I said, "sure," I didn't really think he would do it. He says he's gonna do lots of stuff and never does. Of course I say that in the most patient and loving of tones. But, now it's done. Two entry fees paid for the Wells Fargo half marathon and now two prides are on the line with 4 weeks til go time. Today we logged 7.6 miles. My right hip was screaming, my left knee was throbbing and my right top molar had its own heartbeat. Yes, my tooth was mad about the run too. His right foot was causing him to run with this funny gait that made him look 90. Is this what it feels like to be 90? What is going on with us? Cardiovascularly we both coulda ran another 7.6, but our bodies were done. Two Tylenol each, three ice packs and and hour of good comedy on CBS tonight. I'm hoping it will help me forget we have less than a month until race time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Deep thoughts from Miss Kato...

Remember waaay back when? Back when my loyal servants thought I didn't belong on furniture? I knew they would crack. Especially the softy. She melts when I cross my paws and blink my big yellow eyes. This is all well and good when I am jonsin' for one of those fancy Milk Bones or when I am looking for a nibble of her P.B. toast. But, sometimes the Queen of this ranch has gotta sleep! I drop hints like, "Um, excuse me, but can you turn off the flash on that thing?" She acts like I'm in the mood for yet another photo session for that blog thing she wastes time on. Ahhh well, the trade offs for living the life of K9 royalty. Now LAY DOWN, I gotta snuggle in for my nap.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Smooth Operator

First, a bone to pick. I am a pretty faithful Cuisinart appliance purchaser. I love my quad toaster, totally dig the hell-outta my Grind-N-Brew coffee pot and use my crock pots/slow cookers like no ones biz. But the blender is a different story. I don't mind dropping a little extra cash on a quality appliance. The whole, "you get what you pay for," situation. But when you burn through two $150 blenders in a matter of four years it's a little ridic. A blender! You know, the appliance which takes up a ton of space and is a total pain to wash. The appliance you bust out when Jose (Cuervo) comes to visit. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not making margaritas every night so a blender should last at least a decade, shouldn't it? Anyway, blender 2 just crapped the bed and I refused to buy another.

Tada! My new favorite thing!

Bella Cucina (which sounds kinda Food Network fancy) makes this great one cup blender and it totally kicks tail. My hubby and I are smoothin' it out everyday in our quest to prep for the summer season. Here's how the smooth operator works. Start to fini about 5 minutes.

Prep is no sweat.
Dole frozen fruit (strawberries, wild blueberries, dark red cherries-defrosted about 30 secs in the micro).
A shot of orange or apple juice for smooth drinkability.
A scoop of Trader Joe's soy protein (depending on the day).
A ripe naner (ba-nanar is a must if you use protein powder).
A scoop or two of Yoplait fat free vanilla yogurt.

Screw on the blade, flip-er over and one little press till perfect blendafication (try that word in your next game of Scrabble). Any-who 34B cup made up words or not. Get one NOWISH. 50% off at Macy's! You're just 30 bucks away from fabo smoothies and 4 easy servings of fruit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion Friday: The Broken-in Tee

The lap of luxury or perhaps comfort. Not to be confused with the boxy tee you get for finishing a 5K. The broken in tee has scrupulous tailoring skim the curves of the bod. The result. Laid back, but not sloppy. Comfortable and classy. The, "I didn't work very hard on this outfit and I still look adorable," look. My favorite source? The Crew. I know-your shocked. Spend a little time on their site and notice worn tees don't have to be Plain-Jane. Embellishments welcome. Layer these great tees under your favorite cardigan or suiting. Or don one a la carte with a great pair of denim or chinos. After all, it's Friday. Get comfy-look cute.

See you Monday for my new favorite thing.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Griffin is Here!!!

This is unbelievable! Imagine arriving at the hospital at 11:55pm, pushing 4 (yes four) times (without drugs) and having a beautiful baby boy in your arms by 12:43am. Unreal. Then look this great (showered, hair done and make up perfectly in check) ready for visitors. All I know is I'm sure glad I'm not next in line to have a bebe. I'm certain I won't make it look this glamorous. Aw, ain't these a great looking pair of bambinos? And, of course, check out whoobie no. 2. Congrats Willie fam. You did great!

I should let you know I am not worried about the Asian Bird Flu or anything. Just a classic case of the sniffles, which I refuse to pass to this little bundle of joy, hence the creepy mask. And yes, I have a big, toothy smile underneath that 3M material that makes your face sweat like a, "floozy in church." Lord, knows I should be ready for a baby on board sign in my car. I corralled one, two, three, four, five and six of em at Lini's daycare yesterday. Solo, I might add. Everyone happy (mostly), well fed and above all well loved by the Bcup.