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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Laurie!

Happiest birthday wishes ever being sent off to my buddy-0-pal Laurie! Never in my life have I met a sassier, hotter, smarter, confident-er (that is word, right?) gal. She's the total package all bundled up in a beautiful, ivory scarf and a designer bag!

Let's just run through her stats real quick like:

A brain for numbers: CHECK, although not in an awkward accountant sort of way. My apologies to all the awkward accountants.

The legs of a hoopster: CHECK, she was a Pierre Governor for cryin' out loud.

A domestic diva: 1/2 CHECK, not so much on the domestic part but a titch diva.

The heart of a great friend: TOTAL CHECK, tried and true.

Happy Birthday Love! Hope it is the best-est one yet!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "whoobie."

Come on, pleez say you know what I am talking about? If not, you need to get in touch with your inner 80's and rent Mr. Mom. It was only one of the best movies E-V-E-R! The coveted whoobie, the security blanket, the blankie people. Every kid needs one, don't they? Oh fur-sure they do and guess what? I MADE one! Now, don't look close, it was the very first and as I keep cranking them out I will get better at it... Quilter's promise. So this quilting thing-it takes a little planning. You even have to use a little of that menacing math you learned in grade school. First step pre-wash all the fabric to ensure you don't run into any shrinkage. Next, the fabric is cut with that pizza cutter tool you see to the left. After all those little squares are cut you gotta spritz each one with lavender water (helps baby sleep) and iron each and every one of them flat as a pancake. Now get your machine (I power a Brother-each your heart out Singer people. Ok, fine, not really, but it gets the job done.) out and warmed up. Aren't I the cutest little quilter you've ever seen? Here's my proud shot (notice it's morning). I'm getting closer! The backing is on (too bad you can't see its past dinner-almost bed time)! If you think at this point you are done forget it. Any good crafter has to mark his or her territory. I chose a patch, hand embroidered (that makes it sound nice and neat. It wasn't) my signature. Taaa-daaa! Finished product, hand crafted for Baby E. (girl-that's my guess)!

Monday, February 23, 2009

237 posts ago...

...blog was born out of the need to find creative release in cyber space. It was just over one year ago that I typed my very first post - ahhhh those were the days... Before I knew how to upload and hyperlink photos or add polls or funky music to my site. Hmmmm, back when adding a new post was at the very tippety-top of my neaty printed to do list. Not saying that it's not still on the list, but lets get real. The B cups have had a few things going on these last few weeks which have trump-d blogging. But, we're gonna swing outta this winter funk we got rocking and ride this blog like a dirt bike. I know all ya'll still risin' and shinin' at the crack of dawn need something to do while enjoying a cup of joe in your cube. I still have all sorts of crap to write and my vow to keep this bloggy as current as Amy B's hair color still holds true. So keep coming back for another healthy helping... more taste, less filing.

Tomorrow, I get all crafty. See my newest hobby before I move on to something else.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It takes a village...

Young, impressionable minds. Yearning to soak up knowledge and skills, perhaps preparing them for the rest of theirs lives. Indeed it takes a village to teach a bright, young, vivacious children how to deal with losing and hopefully winning too. Is it a problem these lessons are preached via a fist full of pull tabs? I didn't think so...

Guess what tomorrow is? It's a BIG day. Did I stump you? Here's a little hint: two hundred and twenty two. Come back tomorrow and see for yourself.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some call it luck...

So I'm not SUPER superstitious. I'll gladly walk under a ladder. I'll break a mirror just for the drama-of-it during a good argument (so, not really, but wouldn't that be kinda fun?). And
Friday's that fall on the 13th have never really freaked me out. BUT, I so think someone is thinking of me when my nose itches (all good, I hope). I ALWAYS make strong eye contact when, "clanking," glasses after a toast (a lifetime of bad sex if you don't!). I totally make a wish on stars, eyelashes, wish bones and birthday candles. I never pick up a tails up penny. And I seriously used to think if I didn't, "shoot," my morning Q-tip right into the waste basket it meant a bad day for sure. But, my hubby doesn't think anything is about luck. Good luck, bad luck or indifferent luck (if there is such a thing) is not part of his mantra. So he didn't think a thing of it when he opened up his fortune cookie this weekend and it was... Empty. (Que the creepy mood music... reeet, reeet, reeet, reeet...)
Ok, but if you are a titchy-bit superstitious toss a little salt over your shoulder and check out this website for all the crap you need to start worrying about.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nothin' good happens after midnight?!?

Woweee! Nothing like living the high life, acting like you're still 21! Maybe it's cause Turbo and I were room-mates when we were 21-ish. That was back when Turbs drank nothing but, "The champagne of beers," or, "baseball beer as he called it." He probably had to consume a few beers to deal with livin' in a house full of girls. He claims we all once sat around and watched him scrub and scour the pizza-greased oven. Hmmmm, I plead the 5th. Well, anywho no Miller High Life this weekend, but plenty of Premiums, way too many Glueks, a couple of Honey Weiss' and a Blue Moon or two and we were well on the way. On the way to where is the question? We started out the evening acting our respective ages as we conversed about weather (ha), literature (ya right), the current economic state (bor-ing!) and boogers. Not just boogers, but boogers being flung and caught and well, you had to be there. But here's the thing, it was my first real opportunity to hang out with the gal that stole Turb's heart. Gotta watch out for an old friend, ya know? But here's the truth. Dustene is the coolest gal ever, I just love her. I even had to razz Turbo a little about how he fooled such a keeper to put up with him and his hot-dog-roaster/bun-toaster. But, alas he did and the four of us took Jackson by the balls (baseballs if you will). First stop Pillars, a fine establishment where I took the liberty of drawing something inappropriate and phallic on the dry erase board. Serves em right for leaving the markers out in plain site. Real mature, I know, but not illegal. Then straight to the LOD Baby or the Legion of Doom aka the American Legion (thanks Vets). To my surprise they were giving out, "souvenir," Budwieser/Twins glasses so Dustene and I each happily tucked one in our handbags. Um, totally mature and slightly illegal. So if you frequent J-town you know last call is always at Bucksnorts since they serve until 2. Whoever said nothing good happens after midnight clearly never stayed out until 2! We met this handsome devil, I sat in the best seat in the house and we snuck home with yet another Budweiser, "souvenir," beer bucket. I'm lucky I'm not in jail. 2pm, my judgement is clearly impaired and I have a feeling my bar-mates were in the same boat. But, who can call it quits without a round or two of night caps beers paired with a dominating round of Catch Phrase (and 2 bags of Doritos). Thankfully we had the where-with-all to call a semi-sober driver to take our stinky butts home (thank you my dear sweet Brotha Nooncy). This is what time it was when we got in the car to go home. 4am people. Four A-M is what time I drifted off (passed out) in bed. Hmmm, grow up? Nah.

Happy Birthday (x's 2)!

Hip happy birthday to a sassy little mama! This one she's a real live wire. She might want you to think she's all sweet and innocent, but I know better. Just as soon as you are free and clear from probation (she's pregers with no. 2) we are heading straight for whiskey-waters and some Harper Valley PTA karaoke (Brian has lots of make up sober driving to do!). To show you just how much I care, I am going straight the General Mills aisle to buy you a case of those fiber bars you love for your birthday! Happy Birthday Martina! Looking forward to celebrating this (and many more) birthdays with you!

And now, stay tuned for another special birthday wish...By now you all know about my friend Hank, right? Well it just so happens Hanks Gpa shares a birthday with Martina! I mean February 9th produced some dang good stock if you ask me. Gpa E is 'bout the best you can ask for, but it's no secret Aberdeen, SD is known for the smart, fun, cute peeps it breeds. Right? RIGHT? Anywho, I'm sure glad I've hooked up with Don and his fam, so sending a very Happy Birthday with across state lines. I'm looking forward to kum-bi-ya-ing the cops away from the camp fire again this summer with ya!
Tomorrow a crazy weekend wrap up.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fashion Friday: Interrupted.

Every once in again I have to exercise my authority around here and change it up a little. Today is one of those days. Today, it is more important to send a big ole shout out to the MOM's instead of talking about all the cute spring garb already lining the shelves and racks of retailers (more on this next week). We have had a little hiccup in the employment road at our casa. Nothing we won't overcome only to end up better off on the other end, but still... It's a little whack (side note: I love the word, "whack," I'm going to try and use it daily. Hip-er & lazier than, "whacky," and a lot less Carole Burnett-Laugh-Inny.). So, anyway it's what I like to call totally whack. The MOM's notice a little pick me up is in order and boy do they deliver. MN MOM sends a great golf shirt for the hubby to drool over until the weather cooperates 4 months from now and a, "keep a stiff upper lip," card. Thank you Joanie! SD MOM sends a package I call, "death by chocolate." (Just a little side note here... I ate a KING sized Butterfinger yesterday accidentally. You know you take a bite, twist the open end closed like a loaf of bread to signal, "no more." Then each time you pass by you take, "just one more little bite," and then you realize you might as well finish it off?) So, I say 2 weeks at absolute tops and all those KING bars will be gone. I had a bite of a Milky Way this morning, but now I'm serious. I'm done. On top of all that chocolate was a bag of K-9 junk food for Miss Kato. A secret envelope for Henry?!? (if it's money-I'm keepin it) And for me?!? That great, quilted, gray, patent leather handbag you see in the photo and a makeup bag full of cool hair product! Love, love, love it. I actually picked the handbag out for MOM to buy for herself. She has some crazy notion that she is too short to carry a big bag like that so it came back across the MN border and onto my shoulder. Whoo-hoo!

So thank you MOM's (and Dad's). XOXOXO and one more X to all of you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recycle MG Style!

Hang on. Give me a second to climb up on this big, ole soap box of mine. Careful, careful, don't want to pull a hamstring... Ahhh, there we are... Where was I? Oh ya, Recycling. I'm a fan. I've been known to convert a friend or two from the sinful world of ALL trash to separated recycling baby! I mean it's the least we can do to to try and live a little greener. But, lets lay all the cards on the table, shall we? I, the avid recycler, am guilty, as charged, of at times throwing the Jiffy jar in the trash. Pleez, go easy on my penance. I justify not cleaning the jar b/c it takes a solid 10 minutes and 20+ gallons of gas-heated-water. Not any more! MG has enlisted in a new single sort recycling program. Yup, the NW metro is going all techy in the sanitation depo. Here's how it works in a nutshell (or dare I say recycle bin). We clean out all our beer/wine bottles, aluminum/tin cans, beer/wine bottles, jars/jugs, beer/wine bottles, crush all our paper boxes and stow all our useless paper waste into one big roll-er-out-to-the-curb containers. The nice, "garbage," truck guy operates that magical arm which simultaneously scans a computer chip in our container, weighs our recycling and dumps our compost into the big truck. The more we recycle the more points we get. The more points we earn the more dollars redeem via gifts cards and online shopping. They claim the typical Grove fam will get about 20 smacker-roos a month! Not bad for doing our part. Now, if only we could figure out a use for all that dog poo... Tomorrow? Another recycled fav. I think you're gonna like em!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's tough out there. Try and turn on the tube without hearing about the woes of the economy, the qualms with the big bailout or the shrinking housing market. If your family is like mine you're feeling the pinch of the increasing unemployment rate and the sting of Cobra payments. All this on top of a typical February vitamin D deficiency, paired with the sub zero temps, and even the most jovial of souls are feeling a little blue. Personally the stress of it all compounds when my bed is unmade, my floors are unswept and I haven't had a good sweat in a day or so. It's too bad I don't come equipt with a meter that screeches at decibels only young ears and dogs can hear signaling it's time to switch on the endorphins. Today was one of those days. I was at my limit and slightly cranky at best. I hit the club in time to try a new(er) class and officially got my tail kicked. "Strike," is sponsored by Everlast and is a hybrid kickboxing/martial arts/weight lifting class that will make your rear end burn in places you didn't think possible. You're arms are fatigued by 1lb gloves on each hand and you swing a 9lb body bar around like a born again ninja. Nine pounds! Doesn't sound like much but try jabbing and blocking and moving that thing around for an hour and it's a guaranteed smack in your butt, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest. It hits em all baby and logged 889 calories burned on my heart rate monitor in just an hour. And the best part? Let all that aggression burn from your pores as you simulate, "smacking someone side the head!" If you live in my hood, be there, 4:45pm each Tuesday, Anne is the fearless-exercise-nazi-leader, your gonna love/hate her!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Holy Buckets!

I know. One week and nothing. You keep knockin' each day and I just won't answer with an update. It's cuz... stuff. Too much stuff to tackle (and still do a blog post). I know. I'm being ambiguous. I'll fill ya in. All in good time my pretties. My creative (kinda) blogging juices are flowing and I have some things up my wool-sweater-over-long-johns sleeves. So come back. This time ring the bell or better yet just use the key under the mat and let yer self in. See you tomorrow!