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Thursday, July 31, 2008

$900 O.B.O

Guess what I'm getting? Spread the good word, I'm kissing these bad boys good bye! They would look great in your kitchen, or your friend's kitchen, I don't give a damn, someone please just take em off our hands! I'm looking to Craig's list to send us a little miracle in terms of a used, black, appliance shopper (no I'm not talking about your ex boyfriend). Cross your fingers and toes and whatever else you can (your legs when you cough too hard or in my case laugh) cuz the new fleet should arrive in less than 2 weeks. I'll keep you posted AND you tell everyone you know they need the triple threat of GE, Amana and Whirlpool rocking in their kitchen. For blogging referrals I'll cut a sweet deal and give ya 5%, deal?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's kinda like the Gremlins...

...sort of cute at first and kinda fun. And then before you realize what has happened it has multiplied right before your eyes. All of a sudden here I am with 4 bags of Amish Friendship Bread, bubbling and fermenting ready to be divided into four more bags and baked into 8 loaves of bread. I've lost you haven't I? Let me back up a bit. My J.U.G.G's pal Nicki gave me a gallon zip lock bag of friendship at our last happy hour(s). The whole deal behind this Amish bread is you get this bag of gooey batter with a set of instructions on how to care and nurture it until it is aged enough to be baked into a loaf of yummy-ness. So it's not quite as complex as caring for a Gremlin. You don't have to worry about exposing it to sunlight or feeding it after midnight. Days 1-5 you simply mush the bag and let our any air that may be trapped inside. Day 6 (the day I ALMOST got kicked out of the colony) you add 1 cup of flour, sugar and milk to the bag and you guessed it... mush it some more (I forgot the additions on day 6 and did them on day 7 and guess what-it still worked-those Amish don't scare me). Days 7-9 you keep on smooshing that bag like a farmer tugging on a milk cow's teet (I know-its a stretch). Day 10 is the day I bake like the good little hutterite I am AND more importantly you create 4 starter bags to pass onto friends. This is where I f'd up royally. See 10 days ago when I procreated my 4 new bags of Amish jiz I mushed and added per the directions, but didn't really do the friendship part. Yup, I kept em all. This brings me back to where I began and my current dilemma. Today I baked count em eight, yes 8, loaves of the bread and reproduced sixteen, I repeat 16 new bags. See? Gremlins. Or maybe more like a cat lady who can't seem to part with her beloved kittens or in my case bread starters. But I was worried. Those Amish don't fool around. They threaten if you give all the starters away you won't be able to make the cinnamon-and-sugar-cake-like-bread. Well, guess what. Those hutterite's are a bunch of liars. I found it! Yup, the "starter secret." What does this mean for you? If you live, work or play near me you are getting a "starter" bag of the "no longer mysterious" Amish starter substance. And yes, it's worth all the mushing and messing around.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


If I were a betting woman I'd put my money on Canterbury Park to provide a fun (and hopefully profitable) filled summer afternoon. As long as you "behave" (possibly the ONLY time these two will be poster children for "behaving") when you step up to place your bet were are talking a relatively inexpensive investment. $6 for the valet cuz your cute "track" shoes are not comfy enough for the hike from the back ninety, $5 to get your foot in the door (unless you are a senior, good for you/sorry for you MOM, then its f.r.e.e.), $2 bucks a beer multiplied by "x" number of beers (none of your bees wax) plus whatevah money you wanna blow tryin' to guess who's gonna show, place or win. I personally gotta keep it simple, cuz all that betting can get a little cryptic. I pick the two horses I think are gonna come in 1st and 2nd, my bet is called a $1 exacta box and ends up only costing me $2 each race. Let me break this down for anyone not on the up and up of the gambling world. An "exacta box" bet means the two thoroughbreds you pick need to finish the race 1st and 2nd, or 2nd and 1st for that matter, they just gotta be the first two across the line in no particular order. If I've lost ya then you might be better off just picking your horse of choice to "win" and call it a day (all and all MOM and I each left $5.50 ahead, unless you count our cocktails, then we are about $10.00 each in the hole). So perhaps you are asking, "how in the world do I know what horse to bet on?" Well, this is my secret. A little optical test, if you will, passed onto me by, Hank's "Gampa," Jack. He says, when you head down to the paddock to check out the horses before they race you gotta look at the sackage. The "tighter the balls, the better the racing horse." There you have it! Straight from the horses mouth!

Thanks so much to Lola and Jack for the after race dinner at Pablo's (Lola, our big winner, also won the honor of treating us to dinner)! I don't care what anyone says, I'll mess with Texas anytime! Loves to you guys!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A birds eye view.

Everyone knows exactly where they were and what they were doing (Me? In my car 394 and Louisiana-thinking it must be a sick joke.) What we didn't know is the impact left not only on families who lost loved ones but on the battle front, on travel, the economy, homeland security, the presidential election 7 years later, the NYC skyline, etc, etc, etc. I have found it incredible (for lack of a better word) to hear New Yorkers recap their personal stories of that tragic day. They didn't need to turn on their TV's to understand the complete loss and devastation. They are all missing someone. They all feared first hand, not from thousands of miles away. They all know what a difference 15 minutes can make. They all have different feelings about the new Freedom Tower. On one hand I understand why tourists roam around the view less barricade for a glimpse at the site and on another I understand why New Yorker's would feel it's in bad taste. I'm not willing, able, or interested in commenting why almost seven years later ground zero is still ground zero. Who am I to wage my opinion of whether the site should be a memorial structure, two new twin towers or a memorial park? I'm just one 34B cup with too much time on her hands, a digital camera with a little vacant memory space and a blog rambling on about whatever is on my mind.

The links below have more photos.

The Deutsch Bank. (click here for more info. Building remains covered in scaffolding since 9/11 and sadly 2 NYC fire fighters lost their lives battling a fire in the empty building in August, 2007.)

Earth being moved.

24-7 Construction.

Completion in 2011?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie!

We've all got em. That one Auntie. You know, the one who sent post cards and letters via snail mail all the time. The one who bought fun Mexican holiday souvenirs (think chic-lets and change purses) each year. The one who gave you the Cabbage Patch Kids Pony for Christmas, that was way too expensive, meaning your parents would never go for it. The one who you cried for as you backed down her long curvy driveway while she waved until you were COMPLETELY out of site. The one who laughed with you and really took time to talk to you even though you were "just a kid." The same one who lets you live in her basement when you graduate college and don't have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out. The kind of Auntie who "crossed her legs" dying of laughter as you take a major header off the railing of her porch railing (who knew you shouldn't stuff your feet into the stirrups of the horse saddle slung over the rail). The gal who witnesses you whiz your pants laughing at the worst MOM joke ever outside Bakers Square (it really happened... about 5 years ago... I know... I really had to go...) The type who drives a "sweet ass" black convertible and keeps two pairs of big sunglasses and bright lipstick in the glove compartment (one for her and one for a friend). The same one who drinks red wine with you and downloads itunes song after itunes song cuz they are all our "favorite." This is the kind of Auntie you list on your wedding program as a parent, cuz, well, she served as a surrogate sometimes. If you don't have an Aunt Snookie like this then your best bet is to be one to someone. And if you do then remind her how much you love her and appreciate her not only on her birthday, but all days. Happy Birthday Auntie, I love you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Roni!

Oh boy, oh boy! Am I glad I checked my calender or what? If I hadn't it would have slipped my mind that today, the 24th of July, is Roni Renee's birthday. What to say (that's PG rated anyway) about this kissin' cous of mine. She might strike you as the quiet(er) one of the group but don't let that fool ya. This one right here... shown to my right... she a live one. Got a good head on her shoulders (finally after she settled down) has the cutest little fam and teaches/mentors our local youth (a teacher, I know, whoa). Graduated with honors in education (math and science-holy crap) after going back to school in her later thirties (inspirational, right?). Let her be a lesson to all ya'll who have parents paying for your higher education-do it while they foot the bill! NOT when you have to pay outta your own pocket cuz your initial go around was all about boys, booze and bong(go drums). Kidding, whatever, she rocked it back at school and made me proud. Today she turns 15,330 days old. Good thing for her the 40's are the new 30's and she acts like she is still in her 20's (and lets call it-she doesn't look a day over 34 1/2). Anywayz big cous thanks for showing me the ways of the world (sass, drinks and rock and roll) and for being a sublime cousin (more like a big sis, not that you had any choice) and a tried and true friend. I love you! Happiest Birthday ever!!!
P.S. Tomorrow-another birthday wish AND Monday the postponed Freedom Tower update. Hang in there... the weekend is ALMOST here!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Proud Mama!

It's happening! It's like someone flipped the "growing" switch and greenery bloomed, well, blossoms and blossoms turned into vegetables! I mean these green peppers are remarkable b/c we (Ellen, Jerrid and I) are virgin vege farmers. And get a look at my melons! (he-he, made ya look!) And how can you miss me, to the left, the proud mama of our first baby zucchini. But as the world food chain turns, we enjoyed our prized summer squash roasted on the grill with a little butter, fresh chopped chives and S & P to taste. Yummy! All this gardening has not gone without a little blood, sweat and sunburns. Weeding has proved to be a back stiffening, tedious task. Poor Ellen has been watering the be-geez-uhz outta that damn dirt since Motha Nature has not sprinkeled in some time. I promise to bring more updates as we spy green beans, pumpkins, watermelons and actual cobbs of corn. Be patient and wait. With baited breath. Ya, right.

Tomorrow, a birds eye view of the work being done on the Freedom Tower.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY "BETTER THAN A BOYFRIEND COLLEGE SIDEKICK KRISSY!" I'm a doofus-I missed the real day-forgive me? Hope you and your ever expanding family had a perfect day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hiding in "perennial" site.

Gear. We've got waaay too much of it. Gear for biking, for fishing, for golfing, for wakeboarding, for tennis and above all tons of gear for bird hunting. My job in all this? To hide it. Behind buldging closet doors, in the jam-packed-full crawl space, in the attic above the garage and the most dreaded spot: under the deck. Yes, if you store the"stealth" duck boat your husband won at Cabela's under the deck; you might (are) a redneck. It bugs the you know what out of me each time I look in the general direction. Why in the heck it can't be suspended from the garage ceiling like all the bikes and fishing rods is beyond me? But there she sits just a-muckin' stuff up. So what do I do? You guessed it. I try and hide it. A couple summers ago I planted 3 'Karl Foerster reeded prairie grass plants. Perfect since their plum like foliage throughout the harsh winter months. But, I wasn't foolin' anyone. The one person boat was hiding in plain site. My friends at Dundee hooked me up with some great full-part sun perennials at a rate of buy 3 get one free. Then the fun part, getting those hands dirty, but only after a little manual labor of rock moving. After you have the layout complete and holes dug it's always best to mix in a little peet moss with the native clay soil in the Grove (be sure to check out the ever nostalgic "yard cart" courtesy of my late grandpappy). I planted two neon stars in the front, one yellow tiger tail front and center, two pixie miracle grace in the mid level (garden mezzanine if you will) and one towering bee balm in the back row center (just like me in my 4th grade classroom photo). All this while my trusty side kick went for a little afternoon swimmy-poo. A little pat on my own back for the finished product. Look MOM, no boat! Not bad, huh?

Tomorrow another treat for green thumbing bloggers... an update on the vege garden!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane...

It's true. All sorts of gardeing updates to come tomorrow! Hope you had a great weekend and your Monday blues aren't so bad. Loves ya all.

34B cup---out.

Friday, July 18, 2008

T G I (Fashion) F !

Today, Fashion Friday, July 18th, I air my grievences to the ill pressed shirt. I crinkle my nose at a shirt in need of a hot, steamy, P.J. (press job my peeps). Ironing is an art form folks, and unless you get a third degree burn you probably aren't doing it right. You gotta get in there, between each and every button, around both CLEAN cuffs, the inside and the outside of the collar and then hit it again when it is folded into proper position. It's an investment in time and a commitment to looking polished (boys and girls alike). Bottom line: No shirt should have more wrinkles than my grandma (sorry grandma-she doesn't read blogs anyway). That is unless the look is crinkly, wrinkly (I know, it's a lot to grasp, be patient). If you are not 100% on board with becoming one with the ironing board then listen up. A little birdie (actually his MOM) told me about the greatest no iron shirts on this planet for X chromosomes AND XY chromosomes. Brooks Brothers has invented the miracle shirt, which is promised to look good right our of the dryer or right out of the pile on your bedroom floor (I snuck a peek in your room-shame on you). You'll look all starched and ready to take on corporate America without having to fire up your Rowanda (my hubby will breath a sigh of relief). Better git while the gitting is good cuz they are on sale now-ish. See you and your starched and pressed undies Mon-dee. Have a helluva weekend.
BTW!!! Congrats to Krissy, my-soon-to-be-pregnant-boobed (you know what that means)-friend, who is having a baby (again)!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meet Mickey on the right and Tom on the left!

You know that I know that you have always wondered what to call em. Come on, you know what I'm talking about: the big (or in my case little) kahoonas, knockers, canz, hooters, juggs, fun bags, chesticles, headlights... enough already we are talking bewbs. In a world where nothin' is FREE you gotta take advantage of a FREE little quiz to assist you in finding the proper names. AND they throw in a net value in case you ever wanna, well, take out a rider policy on your home owners insurance. Try asking your State Farm agent about that with a straight face! Anywayz, the funny little quiz on the right has all the answers. And why it matters is if you really like yourself some dairy is beyond me. Not happy with your given names? Try the site that called the B cups Barcardi and Coke by clicking here for another chance. None of this could be complete if it weren't for Bette Midler's Otto Titsling screaming in the background-so turn it up already. My, oh, my! Ramblings of a 34b cup a little bit dirt ball? For sure. Entertaining? Doubtful. Funny in my sick mind? Certainly.

Can't wait to meet your two too!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bean's Birthday Bonanza!

Just as promised I'm back on the blogging wagon, ready to tell you all about Reenee Beanee's surprise birthday partay. Our little wonder woman had no clue what she was in store for when she arrived at the infamous Block E. The Shout House proved to be, well, something to shout about. Funny and incredibly talented musicians play whatever tune you can come up with-for the right tip that is. The perfect spot to celebrate birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, girl's nights, guys nights, whatever. Our clan of MSU alumna consumed just like we did in the glory days (total exaggeration-those days are long gone my friends)(L to R Pruda, Miss Cathy, Bean, Moi, and Amy B). Damn good looking posse if I do say so myself). Ahhhhh, I remember... Not that long ago... I wrastled Pruda over borrowed clothes while she flashed Miss Cathy in her "don't mess with Texas" Escort while Ames rode with randoms on motorcycles and Shereen made whole milk lattes instead of skim for all the skinny biatches. Those were the glory days, my friends. The days of sneeking rides home with the Erbs and Gerbs guy and 208 Balzerzak. Bean basked in her 30th birthday moment of glory from the top of the grand piano (good thing she wore undies-kidding). Of course, no birthday bash could be complete without temporary tattoos AND even though we look like just more pretty faces doesn't mean we aren't resourceful. Tattoo applications courtesy of Amy B and her Belgian beer. Free kisses for strangers, and, er, um, my hubby. Well, BFF's gotta share don't they? Loves to you all. Must, must, must do it again soon.

Check out the Bean slide show in the right hand column. More propaganda to come if someone would email me more photos (hint, hint).

Monday, July 14, 2008

We interrupt...

...your regularly scheduled B cup blog post. I'm sorry. Really, truly, I am super-duper sorry. I meant to tell you all about the weekend... Dinner at Hank's, boating, gardening, Bean's rocking surprise birthday party (Happiest Birthday ever "reenie-beanie" I love you), but time got away from me. AND to make matters worse I left on a jet plane for the windy city this morning at 7am. Do the math and figure out what time I had to get up this morning and you'll understand why this blog post sucks. Listen, I promise, I'm gonna make it up to you. Golly, just give me a chance, would ya. Wednesday, I'll be back in the home town and I'll tell you all you need to know (and could care less about) from the weekend. In the meantime check out my recommended reading listed to the right. Till then... Wish you were here.


B cup

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fashion Friday: The revival of the "side-kick"

You read it right. It's baaaack! If you're like me your first go around with the side pony was rockin' out at Rollaway U.S.A. signing, "You must be my lucky star,‘cause you shine on me wherever you are..." But this is a different sort of sideways up do, not anything like the "I love the 80's" thang. The new was to sport the side kick is down low, just behind you ear and trailing down your shoulder to your bosom (if your lucky enough to have bosoms). A perfect compliment to your Zac Posen evening gown (work with me here). Wear it sleek with longer bangs or no bangs like Mrs. Kidman-Urban (what the hell is she thinking callin' her new bambino Sunday, and wasn't she born on a Monday?!?). A great way to polish your look for day. Wear it with big ringlets twisting across your clavicle like the ever famous (who knows why) Lauren Conrad. Rock it out like Electra-baby with messy no-do-hairdo with wavy bangs and tussled tendrils. If your thinking this is advise can't be for me, I don't have the length to make it around the back over the shoulder refer back to one of my first blog posts. Unleash that inner diva! But gents a gentle warning... No matter what you do, no matter how much you drink, no matter what the "dare" payout is-don't, repeat, don't do this. Girls only! Work it, rock it, own that reinvented style.

Speaking of workin' and rockin' it do just that with your weekend. I'll give you my full report on Monday. TTFN!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's a little ghetto, but it gets the job done. For a hound who loves everything water having a bath is about her least favorite thing in the world (aside from having her temperature taken, yup, rectally). She 's not much of a grudge holder but she won't even look at ya when your in the act. For me it's a summer luxury to roll out the ole hose and scrub her down right there in the driveway. No tub to clean and no back-breakage getting her in and out of that tub. Rinse, lather (with none other than John Paul for pets by Paul Mitchell), repeat rinse and dry (I call this her hobbit look). Start to finish 6 minutes 23 seconds. I have it down pat. The best part of the whole experience last night? Wrapping up the K-9 bath with a "jet" shot out of the hose right square in the back of my unsuspecting hubby (I didn't know he could move that quick). The revenge? I must admit it was pretty sweet... Him launching a frigid glass of water through the screen on the second floor managing to hit me straight down the back as I water the flowers below (WTF?). Never a dull moment and never an opportunity lost.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've hit the motherload!

Let me set the plot for you... It was supposed to be a quickie (your sick, sick, sick, I mean my shopping trip). Return an ill fitting dress and seek a frame flattering pair of shorts (near impossible, I know). It turned into a shopping extravaganza with deals doctored up with more deals on top! Fabulous percentages off of already marked down things! So glorious my non-math calculating brain couldn't keep up! It's a summer romance of a sale your closet and pocket book can't afford to miss (like you really care what your husband/wife has to say). Here is the inside pooper-scooper... JCrew, one of my favorite spots for fun, affordable (relatively speaking) fashions, has a mega, mac daddy sale rocking. Almost the whole store is on sale (in the Grove, can't speak for other locations) AND all sale items are an additional 25% off! I know! Tees and lounge-wear and blazers, oh my! I bought shorts (bought two great, patterned, bermuda style for my "skinnest legg-ed ever" MOM-none for me), a fabulous orange and white flowered skirt, a fabulously bright orange tunic top, a darling sleeveless blouse with a wrap around tie, a "sick-green" strapless sundress, a flirty tank perfect for a night on the town and a few accessories to boot for $150 bucks. THE PRICE IS RIGHT, Bob! But there's more on this fabulous showcase showdown! I thought I would see if my luck persisted with a stop at Express. Holy Hussy-ville! Nothin' doin' unless you are interested in looking like a $.02 floozy in black, silver or hot fuchsia (if this is you-lets talk later). But, I wasn't going to give up yet. The Gap is a tried and true favorite for some staple items and they too are currently sporting 25% off already marked down duds. On $25 that's, ok let me think... carry the one... I dunno, but its a good deal. Even the great InspiRED line of T's supporting a cure for HIV/AIDS are on sale-they NEVER go on sale. I scored a fun, red, long sleeved, v-neck, already perfectly broken-in and weathered looking for $11.24! You can't wait. Go now for the best selection, don't worry you can thank me later!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Queen like the Dairy Queen!

It's a beautiful union. The marriage of a slush, so cold it's guaranteed to give you "brain freeze" right square in your temples, and creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream. Choose your weapon of choice... A Mr. Misty float (a.k.a. the Artic Rush Float at the newer Braziers) can be slurped through a straw or shoveled in with the trademarked red spoon. Over the sultry, hot, July weekend I indulged in not one, but two (almost three) of these tasty DQ treats. My flava-flav of choice is cherry, but try em all on for size and see what strikes your fancy. One for each day of the week: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, Grape, & Kiwi-Strawberry. Chump-change at $2.69 for a SMALL and won't require an extra "hole" in your belt (check out the online calorie counter):

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size (404g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat

Visit Dairy Queen online for locations near you or to join the "Blizzard Fan Club" to get buy-one/get-one deals all month. AND don't feel shunned if you don't get accepted into the club right away-my first request was denied access too. Initiation is a biiiaaattch, but all well worth it for free ice cream!

Monday, July 7, 2008

You take the mallow...

...then you roast the mallow. Carefully "smoosh" it between two graham crackers lined with a slab of chocolate. Ohhhh a little taste of gooey, melted heaven. It doesn't get much better than SMORES on a warm summer evening after one helluva-fun-packed weekend. Only thing that would be better is if it was Saturday. What is it about a long weekend that always makes you wish for one more day? Would ONE more day really "scratch your itch" leaving you feeling ready to head back to work? I mean who would want to stay out late more night, sleep without setting an alarm one more morning, spend another 5 hours on the lake wake boarding and soaking up the intensely hot July sun? Who really would rather opt out of blow drying your hair and a fresh "coat" of makeup for a baseball cap and a pair of perfectly broken in Gap shorts? All those in favor blog "I!" All those opposed-what is wrong with you?

(Now friends, prepare yourself, I'm gonna get sappy!) I hope you had a fabulous long weekend full of friends and laughter. AND I hope you took the time to stop and enjoy the little things in life. You know. Little stuff like laughing at a chocolate faced child. Like marveling at the butterfly that won't fly away from your side. Like how great it is to catch up with friends inviting them and parting them with a bear hug. Like appreciating the bond between K-9 and human. Anywho, been thinking it's July and it's just time to stop and smell the roses. Hope you'll do/did the same.

Tomorrow-the sap gets turned off and I'll fill you in on the best $2.69 you'll spend this summer.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fashion Friday AND Hip Happy 4th O' July!

Happy Fashion Friday AND Happy Fourth of July to you! A quick, little blog post today as we all rush to area, parks, campgrounds, lakes and backyard BBQ's. A reminder as we honor Independence Day... This day is not just an excuse to drink icy, cold beer before 5pm, although it certainly doesn't hurt, its a celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. So as we commemorate this great day be sure to always, always WEAR your pride of being an American on your sleeve & in your heart (just not on your butt). Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The "Honey Hole"

We're movin' up in the world. Who needs a fancy fishin' boat (or always stylish waders) when you can cruise in the comfort of a flat-bottom-john-boat? I mean when we go, we go all out for the style points. Powered by an 8 horse, 2 stroke Merc (why do I know this?), typically used for chasing ducks in the fall, is our trusty vessel when pursuing fish. So here's the deal. It's all about balance on this little cruiser. If all three of us sit on the same side-chances are we may be going for a swim. On calm waters we can open her wide up and fly across the water at about 10 mph (what is that, about 9 knots?). And speaking from experience-each and every fishing excursion comes we a free pair of "sea legs." Guaranteed to keep you rolling over the waves while walking, sitting, or trying to fall asleep. Also, guaranteed is the consistent bite on your hook if you are lucky enough to experience the "honey hole." I am not at liberty to divulge which of the 10,000 we set sail on or the exact map coordinates of this spectacular, secret spot (Catfish-keep your trap shut). What I can tell you is the first time we stumbled (or should I say floundered) upon this hot spot we caught at least 30 fish! All small stuff, pannies, like sunfish and crappies and a bass or two for good measure. I think the secret recipe for this successful fishing trip is this:

1 cute hubby who baits, hooks and takes off fish
1 bag of Dakota Kid Sunflower Seeds (the BEST in the world-don't bother to argue-anyone headed to SD?)
2 cans of the coldest diet coke you can get your hands on
2 bobbers with "minnerds" as my hubby calls them
1 pink fishing hook for optimal catching pleasure

*It is important to note no little fisheys were hurt in the creating the blog-post-experience. We are a catch and release family.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Knee high by the 4th!

I can't believe my eyes! Three ya-hoos playing in the dirt, staking out rows and burying seeds beneath the earth. It all sounded great and was a perfect excuse to spend the afternoon with Ellen, Zoom and Foster. Somewhere down deep, I must admit, there was a little skepticism. We have never planted an official garden before. Flowers, shrubs and trees-yes. The occasional tomato and herb plant-yes. But a "for real" vegetable garden starting with the tinest little seeds tucked in a shallow bed of dirt? Seems like a craps shoot. But, to my delight (and a little bit of shock) it worked. We are officially producing. I'm gonna go out on a limb and just call it... we are farming. The first crop of tomatoes, beans, peppers and onions have already been harvested. And corn-starting with just a crow of kernels will officially be "knee high by the fourth!"

Ellen: Thanks for doing all the "dirty" work of watering (yikes), weeding and nurturing our salmonella free garden!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MOO-ve over! A new favorite thing!

So my new favorite thing I am dying to tell you about is A. So fun to have for yourself or give as a gift. B. Easy as long as you have a digital camera, a computer with Internet, and a credit card with $25.00 left on your credit limit. And C. It's from London which for some reason sounds fancier and funner, yup funner. MOO.com is the latest and greatest in my book. So here's the deal. You simply log on to MOO.com and follow their expert lead in how to print all things fun and creative. Do personal business cards to hand out with your blog address and email address so more strangers can pry into your life. Make fun post cards of your friend looking their worst after an all night bender so even the postal workers can get a chuckle. Personalize note cards with photos of your kids, dogs or cats or your kid riding your dog who's attacking the cat for all I care. Have fun with your own stickers for yer, um, ahhh, sticker book?!? Anyway, the options are awesome, each and every mini business card (so fun), note card, post card or sticker can proudly display a different pic. You pick the font, pick the font color and get on your creative thinking hat to come up with some witty text. Press send and your officially off to the press. Nothing on the menu for more than 25 US dollars, not Euros or Pounds (thank gosh), were talking twenty-five George Washingtons. So go on now-get started early cause these things have an international voyage ahead of them before they arrive at your door step. I promise you'll love the finished product.