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Monday, April 6, 2009

Smooth Operator

First, a bone to pick. I am a pretty faithful Cuisinart appliance purchaser. I love my quad toaster, totally dig the hell-outta my Grind-N-Brew coffee pot and use my crock pots/slow cookers like no ones biz. But the blender is a different story. I don't mind dropping a little extra cash on a quality appliance. The whole, "you get what you pay for," situation. But when you burn through two $150 blenders in a matter of four years it's a little ridic. A blender! You know, the appliance which takes up a ton of space and is a total pain to wash. The appliance you bust out when Jose (Cuervo) comes to visit. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not making margaritas every night so a blender should last at least a decade, shouldn't it? Anyway, blender 2 just crapped the bed and I refused to buy another.

Tada! My new favorite thing!

Bella Cucina (which sounds kinda Food Network fancy) makes this great one cup blender and it totally kicks tail. My hubby and I are smoothin' it out everyday in our quest to prep for the summer season. Here's how the smooth operator works. Start to fini about 5 minutes.

Prep is no sweat.
Dole frozen fruit (strawberries, wild blueberries, dark red cherries-defrosted about 30 secs in the micro).
A shot of orange or apple juice for smooth drinkability.
A scoop of Trader Joe's soy protein (depending on the day).
A ripe naner (ba-nanar is a must if you use protein powder).
A scoop or two of Yoplait fat free vanilla yogurt.

Screw on the blade, flip-er over and one little press till perfect blendafication (try that word in your next game of Scrabble). Any-who 34B cup made up words or not. Get one NOWISH. 50% off at Macy's! You're just 30 bucks away from fabo smoothies and 4 easy servings of fruit.


Disgruntled Princess said...

What time do they open?? I've got my coat on...but dang it I still have to wait for the school bus!

I'm Henry said...

GREAT idea...esp for those warm days just around the corner...

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