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Monday, April 28, 2008

Keepin' a stiff upper lip (& a stiff drink too)!

Wow! What a weekend! It is waaaay past my bedtime on Sunday night as I frantically type a post to give you sneek peek into some of the weekend happenings while MOM was here for a visit. Saturday commenced with Hell's beer-bloody-mary's (the BEST bloodys ever are made by my friend Nicki C. from the lone star state-hands down) with 1 of my kissin' cousins, Roni, followed by a little shopping spree intended to boost the current weak economy (thanks to my favorite Auntie), and of course followed up with a cocktail hour chaser (we gals can hold our booze). And what great happy hour isn't followed up with a little group hair removal?!? I KNOW! My MOM and I (like all ladies whether you want to admit it or not) foster the occasional stray hair on the ole upper lip. I used to do the wax, but became frustrated by the very attractive "pimple mustache" the process left behind (seriously, which is worse?). I then turned to the tedious task of tweezing. Yes it gets the job done, but takes WAY too long to try and track down all those little suckers and then just when you think you got em all you get in your car and realize you weren't even close. Finally, a friend, colleague and fellow blogger showed me the way of Nair (for faces-please make no mistake). This stuff really works and leaves you smooth and hairless with no nasty little white heads (jury is still out on if the chemicals will make you grow a 3rd nipple...). I am so into the Nair ways of the world my hubby keeps tellin' me if I, "keep it up I am gonna look like Tom Sellick!" Seriously, is it true the more you wax, pluck, Nair, the thicker and full that stuff comes back? If so I am soooo screwed!

BTW, no animals were hurt in the posting of this blog entry. The white Nair-look-alike substance on Miss Kato's nose in indeed whip cream for photo enhancement purposes only (and because the drinks were flowin...)

Anyway, I'm dog tired. Come back tomorrow and I will show you why.


Fab Over 40 said...

I've been using the Face Nair for years and I'm not any more hairier than I've ever been. I really wish it would get less though!

Nicki said...

I feel like I missed so much already just reading that post....can't wait to hear all about it! My Nair tip - if the Nair still missed a few, just tweeze 'em, and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT NAIR TWICE IN A ROW!!! I really did look like Tom Selleck after the burn it left me with...don't say I didn't worn ya!