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Monday, April 7, 2008

Home, Home on the Range...

...where the deer and the B cups play. I single handedly shot this video (impressive, I know) of a herd of Bambis' right in my own back yard. I hope they all evade the Elmer Fudd's of the world (and your bumper) and make it through many-a-deer-hunting-seasons.

It's always fun to jet set, but even sweeter to come back H-O-M-E. When I arrived home at 1:30am I plopped my bags down at the door, took a shower hot enough to quickly empty our water heater and wash away the travel funk. Ooooohhhhh, did it feel good to pull the flannel sheets up to my chin in MY OWN BED after being gone for a week. Then my hubby crawled in and tossed and turned until he found just the right spot to begin his slumber (and muffled snore). Aaahhhh, oh well (back to me) I just re-fluffed my pillow and found another cozy position and re-tucked the sheets up high around my neck. And then; Miss Kato flops her 80 pound frame along the other side of my travel weary body and claims her stake on our now fully loaded king size bed. Hhhhhmmm, (all about me once again) I just streeetttchhh each of my legs out enough so I have carved a perfect little spot to catch some zzzzz'z. Ughh, by now my husband re-adjusted and was breathing right in my face and I could hardly separate carbon dioxide from fresh oxygen. I decide to roll over which is a struggle since I was then "pinned" like a " crazy in a St. Peter straight jacket" in between the dog and my hubby. Once I finally got turned over and correctly the pajamas that where wrapped around my body like a tightly wrung out rag-I nestled right back in... Until Miss Kato started dreaming-tail flopping, legs striding and lip curling to release a sleepy woof in her REM pursuit of whatever she was chasing. Time check... 2:17am and I briefly reminisce about the apartment in NYC and a bed all to myself. In my last attempt to get comfortable I hold my breath and puuuussssshhhh both of my legs out to the sides (so glad for the extra reps on the inner/outter thigh machine at the club) successfully moving the dead weight my sleepy hound on my right and my drooling hubby on the left. PRAISE J.C. !!! I could finally drift off into my much anticipated sleep thinking "it's so great to be home!"

Rub the "sleep" out of the corners of your eyes and come back around tomorrow for your morning cup of java and your dose of the 34b cups!

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