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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fire in the hole!!!

B-O-M-B-E-D out! This is what our entire (you must know by now I exaggerate just a teeny bit) front lawn looks like. It is so depressing to look out and see how green and lush the other yards in the hood are. And then take a gander at the B cup's yard. Brown and dead, period. The only spots that have managed to bounce back from the long, hard winter are infested tufts of crab grass. See Miss Kato pees fire, always has and probably always will, 'nuf said? Each spring we crawl out of hibernation and contemplate if it might not be easier to just move and start over (so our generation, isn't it?). This year was just a little different because we had a little extra man power, if ya know what I mean. See the youngest from my hubby's clan has been hangin' round and so we put his young back to work (thanks Dano!). Check out Three's Company (loved that show) 34b cup style here. The process began for the boys at 10am tilling up the crusty earth and weeding out the dead (I was having a bloody mary and sharing nachos with MOM-as I should be). The next step was to fill all the gaping holes with rich, black soil and fold in mass quantities of gypsum (per Marla, the master gardener at Dundee) and YES the b cups were sweatin' too (seriously). Step three and four blend in grass seed and mist with fresh H2O to begin the germination process (not sure why we bothered b/c at this point it started to snow-WTF?!?). Last but not least cover the entire yard with the pellet-like-coating of good ole gypsum (again). Start to finish time 8:23:15. No wonder I was a little punchy during the filming of this clip with the fertilizer spreader.

Speaking of spreadin' em, erh, uh, nevermind... KIDDING. Seriously, tomorrow we're gonna talk about life as Mr. and Mrs. Roper. TTFN!

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