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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2somes, 3somes or 4somes (depends on the day)!

Surprise! I'm no Tiger Woods. As a matter of fact I just "picked" up the sport in college. Each summer taking lessons from the local North Links Pro, Marc, and since then I have managed to get worse and worse every single summer. I used to "kill" the ball off the T, now I am just happy when I make solid contact (you know-no worm burners and for sure not "topping" the ball"). AND as I get older and begin to not give a rip about some things, I have for some reason developed some golf anxiety. You know, your heart rate soars and your hands get sweaty if the group playing behind you catches up and waits in silence for you to take a big hack with your driver (consider us close since I put this clip on the blog). Every time my Hubby reminds me, "Who cares? You paid the same amount as they did-just golf and have fun!" Easy to say if you have been playing since you could walk and have a 13 handicap! Seriously, we play & he scores a 40 and I score a 68, (on 9 holes people) no wonder I am exhausted. I was swinging away almost twice as much! If I have learned one important lesson in golf AND in life: don't ever try to take lessons from your partner and partners don't even try to give "pointers." I mean this is the sort of thing that breaks up great marriages. My Hubby used to be full of good-golf-wisdom, but soon learned to refrain when I threatened to wrap my club around his neck. He knows keeps his lips zipped... when he can no longer hold back... "Honey, let me know if you want me to tell you what went wrong." Do I have this guy trained or what? The other important tidbit? Be sure and get a cute, pink golf bag. PS Keep you eyes peeled for some pink head covers too-the navy ones just aren't cutting it anymore.

Ok, my blogging two-somes, three-somes and four-somes (get your head out of the gutter) come back tomorrow it's hump day!


Nicki said...

There's a lot of shimmy shimmy shake shake in your prep. I like it.

Disgruntled Princess said...

Yeah, I used to love golf and be really BAD at it too--now I have kids and well let's just say I don't even know what color my bag is any more!

Anonymous said...

love you

love you mom