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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Surfing and Bathing Forbidden!

I'm hoping you didn't forget your passport because today our little international rendezvous continues. Munchen, (Munich for all the Americans who need to mess with tradition) Germany is a fabulous place to visit. Let me start by telling you how hard it was to get here. We arrived in Chicago just in time to see our connecting flight to Germany pull away from the terminal! As you guessed I immediately started with the lip quiver as my husband tried to negotiate our seats on another flight (and pleaded with me to turn off the tears) so of course I fell into a full out break down. All you really need to know from that point forth is that we...

A: rented an overpriced hotel room instead of the kind offer to sleep on a cot guarded by the Chi-town police.
B: we were not able to retrieve our luggage so by the time we arrived in Munich I had officially been wearing the SAME underwear for over 32 hours.
C: my husband shirt was so stretched out it could have doubled as an old woman's nightie-AND-he had practically grown a full beard.
D: all of the above are reasons I look like this after one "rattler" (1/2 lemonade and 1/2 German beer) at the famous Hofbrau Hous.
E: just for the hell of it we were drinking our jet lag away listening to this!

Sooo, anyway who cares we made it and had a great time. We took a fab drinking/biking (mostly drinking) tour with a crazy group of folks from all over the place (this tour is so cool it was my second time-the first was with my friend Krissy in the ole MSU days). So funny to see the transformation that happens when a bunch of strangers (all individually normal) people get together spend an entire afternoon on cruisers together. Just think of men acting like boys on bikes-racing, rubbing tires, popping wheelies, blood, sweat and this time no tears. Click here to see a group photo our Mike's Bike Tour Clan (I got to meet the "mike" and he's a cutie too). A seriously fun troop, minus the girl in the green tank top, who bounced her C cups around like no one's business. By now you are thinking, geeezhuz, get to the friggin' point... which is it was so cool watching these dare devils blatantly ignore the warning sign and surf in the English Channel! Check it out!

One last thing everyone should be aware of when traveling to Deutschland. Cable TV has "soft-core" on every other channel if you know what I mean. Guys won't want to leave the hotel room. If you aren't catching my drift you have bigger problems... See ya for Fashion Friday!

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Fab Over 40 said...

Oh I wanna go back and must do the bike tours in that manner! Yep I can tell green shirt gal is an "in your face" kinda gal.