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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ode to Lacquered Leather!

Oh how I love that shiny, lacquer coated leather! The history of patent leather dates back to the 19th century courtesy of Mr. Seth Boyden of Newark, New Jersey-hey thanks guy! I wonder if he had any idea his invention would lead to this modern usage? Ok, anyway, as I was saying every chick needs a little patent in her wardrobe (guys not so sure you can be included on this trend)! Rev up any old outfit with a patent leather trinket of your choice-let me make a couple of suggestions... Add a little dazzle with a patent headband or wrist cuff. Livin' things up with a pair red patent pumps or wide, waist defining belt (come on scare-de-cat try it). Tote all your precious belongings (a.k.a junk) in this hot little Fendi (cha-ching!). Or you can try "spicing" things up on a whole 'nother level with a little outfit like this (paired nicely with your choice of rooms at the Fantasuites-thank me later). I would like to suggest you steer clear of patent leather trousers/britches-these have been known to lead to a terrible case of SWASS (sweaty arse for all you newbees). In summary the next time you are in pursuit of a fun addition to the accessory section of your closet remember the beloved patent leather.

Well my trend setting bloggers see you on Monday for a chat about "quitters" 34b cup style.


Fab Over 40 said...

You are a riot!

Super Heather - aka Mom said...


Hmmmm. A little sneak peak into your life.

Great blog! Love those shoes.

GramaE said...

I want that handbag (a.k.a. purse)!

Work a couple extra shifts,

Nicki said...

What are those cute dot things on the bottom of your post? I want them.