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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Bueller... Bueller... I know I promised ya'll a little lesson in German and I know you thought it was a typo because of my fluidity in Francais (the kind if French you don't speak in front of your Grandma). So just as I promised we tackle the proper usage of my favorite German word. Don't panic no deep, guttural inflections necessary here. Just let it roll of your tongue... schadenfreude. If you need a little help with the pronunciation crank up your volume-your cube mate won't mind.

malicious-joy; malicious glee; gloating; Schadenfreude f; Häme fSchadenfreude

Just admit it you all know exactly what I am talking about. Laughing at some poor fool who slips on the ice and takes a header. Getting a good chuckle out of a male type receiving accidental and unwanted contact to "jim and the twins". Whatever you get the idea and you and I both know you think it's funny.

So I learned my favorite German word from my favorite Broadway show Avenue Q. If you ever are in NYC and have time to take in a show this is the one you need to, have to, absolutely must go see! It is so bad it's GOOD! Not a single race, gender or sexual preference (hoping by now you are just pickin' up what I'm droppin'-cuz not sure if that makes sense) is safe. This show is no doubt an equal opportunity offender! A little side note to all parents: you have messed up your offspring enough already-these Sesame Street look alikes are NOT rated G. We are talking about topics from a pretty hot puppet scene "in the sack" to discussions of the "Burt" look alike puppet coming out of the closet. I know! Better than an entire afternoon of soaps-fur sure. The rest of the week I will keep the old Ipod link of my blog loaded with Avenue Q songs pirated from the dubya, dubya, dubya.

Zurückkommen morgen klugscheißer-hose (return tomorrow smarty pants) die brandung ist bis deutscher stil jungeeee (cuz the surfs up German style boyeeee)(check my work here if you don't trust me).


Nicki said...

I didn't get that whole - Bert look alike thing...little slow over here.

Fab Over 40 said...

Get a case of beer - it's a better value for the poor souls who have no money! That was my favorite "concept"!

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