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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Roni!

Oh boy, oh boy! Am I glad I checked my calender or what? If I hadn't it would have slipped my mind that today, the 24th of July, is Roni Renee's birthday. What to say (that's PG rated anyway) about this kissin' cous of mine. She might strike you as the quiet(er) one of the group but don't let that fool ya. This one right here... shown to my right... she a live one. Got a good head on her shoulders (finally after she settled down) has the cutest little fam and teaches/mentors our local youth (a teacher, I know, whoa). Graduated with honors in education (math and science-holy crap) after going back to school in her later thirties (inspirational, right?). Let her be a lesson to all ya'll who have parents paying for your higher education-do it while they foot the bill! NOT when you have to pay outta your own pocket cuz your initial go around was all about boys, booze and bong(go drums). Kidding, whatever, she rocked it back at school and made me proud. Today she turns 15,330 days old. Good thing for her the 40's are the new 30's and she acts like she is still in her 20's (and lets call it-she doesn't look a day over 34 1/2). Anywayz big cous thanks for showing me the ways of the world (sass, drinks and rock and roll) and for being a sublime cousin (more like a big sis, not that you had any choice) and a tried and true friend. I love you! Happiest Birthday ever!!!
P.S. Tomorrow-another birthday wish AND Monday the postponed Freedom Tower update. Hang in there... the weekend is ALMOST here!

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i heart design said...

Happy Birthday Roni! It's my little bros b-day too, you crazy leos!!!!