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Monday, July 28, 2008

A birds eye view.

Everyone knows exactly where they were and what they were doing (Me? In my car 394 and Louisiana-thinking it must be a sick joke.) What we didn't know is the impact left not only on families who lost loved ones but on the battle front, on travel, the economy, homeland security, the presidential election 7 years later, the NYC skyline, etc, etc, etc. I have found it incredible (for lack of a better word) to hear New Yorkers recap their personal stories of that tragic day. They didn't need to turn on their TV's to understand the complete loss and devastation. They are all missing someone. They all feared first hand, not from thousands of miles away. They all know what a difference 15 minutes can make. They all have different feelings about the new Freedom Tower. On one hand I understand why tourists roam around the view less barricade for a glimpse at the site and on another I understand why New Yorker's would feel it's in bad taste. I'm not willing, able, or interested in commenting why almost seven years later ground zero is still ground zero. Who am I to wage my opinion of whether the site should be a memorial structure, two new twin towers or a memorial park? I'm just one 34B cup with too much time on her hands, a digital camera with a little vacant memory space and a blog rambling on about whatever is on my mind.

The links below have more photos.

The Deutsch Bank. (click here for more info. Building remains covered in scaffolding since 9/11 and sadly 2 NYC fire fighters lost their lives battling a fire in the empty building in August, 2007.)

Earth being moved.

24-7 Construction.

Completion in 2011?

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