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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Knee high by the 4th!

I can't believe my eyes! Three ya-hoos playing in the dirt, staking out rows and burying seeds beneath the earth. It all sounded great and was a perfect excuse to spend the afternoon with Ellen, Zoom and Foster. Somewhere down deep, I must admit, there was a little skepticism. We have never planted an official garden before. Flowers, shrubs and trees-yes. The occasional tomato and herb plant-yes. But a "for real" vegetable garden starting with the tinest little seeds tucked in a shallow bed of dirt? Seems like a craps shoot. But, to my delight (and a little bit of shock) it worked. We are officially producing. I'm gonna go out on a limb and just call it... we are farming. The first crop of tomatoes, beans, peppers and onions have already been harvested. And corn-starting with just a crow of kernels will officially be "knee high by the fourth!"

Ellen: Thanks for doing all the "dirty" work of watering (yikes), weeding and nurturing our salmonella free garden!

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Disgruntled Princess said...

When does the roadside stand open?? I can't just look at pictures all summer!