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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The "Honey Hole"

We're movin' up in the world. Who needs a fancy fishin' boat (or always stylish waders) when you can cruise in the comfort of a flat-bottom-john-boat? I mean when we go, we go all out for the style points. Powered by an 8 horse, 2 stroke Merc (why do I know this?), typically used for chasing ducks in the fall, is our trusty vessel when pursuing fish. So here's the deal. It's all about balance on this little cruiser. If all three of us sit on the same side-chances are we may be going for a swim. On calm waters we can open her wide up and fly across the water at about 10 mph (what is that, about 9 knots?). And speaking from experience-each and every fishing excursion comes we a free pair of "sea legs." Guaranteed to keep you rolling over the waves while walking, sitting, or trying to fall asleep. Also, guaranteed is the consistent bite on your hook if you are lucky enough to experience the "honey hole." I am not at liberty to divulge which of the 10,000 we set sail on or the exact map coordinates of this spectacular, secret spot (Catfish-keep your trap shut). What I can tell you is the first time we stumbled (or should I say floundered) upon this hot spot we caught at least 30 fish! All small stuff, pannies, like sunfish and crappies and a bass or two for good measure. I think the secret recipe for this successful fishing trip is this:

1 cute hubby who baits, hooks and takes off fish
1 bag of Dakota Kid Sunflower Seeds (the BEST in the world-don't bother to argue-anyone headed to SD?)
2 cans of the coldest diet coke you can get your hands on
2 bobbers with "minnerds" as my hubby calls them
1 pink fishing hook for optimal catching pleasure

*It is important to note no little fisheys were hurt in the creating the blog-post-experience. We are a catch and release family.


I'm Henry said...

Just wanted to let you know I saw Dakota Kids in WalMart...I know, I was shocked/excited!

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