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Friday, July 18, 2008

T G I (Fashion) F !

Today, Fashion Friday, July 18th, I air my grievences to the ill pressed shirt. I crinkle my nose at a shirt in need of a hot, steamy, P.J. (press job my peeps). Ironing is an art form folks, and unless you get a third degree burn you probably aren't doing it right. You gotta get in there, between each and every button, around both CLEAN cuffs, the inside and the outside of the collar and then hit it again when it is folded into proper position. It's an investment in time and a commitment to looking polished (boys and girls alike). Bottom line: No shirt should have more wrinkles than my grandma (sorry grandma-she doesn't read blogs anyway). That is unless the look is crinkly, wrinkly (I know, it's a lot to grasp, be patient). If you are not 100% on board with becoming one with the ironing board then listen up. A little birdie (actually his MOM) told me about the greatest no iron shirts on this planet for X chromosomes AND XY chromosomes. Brooks Brothers has invented the miracle shirt, which is promised to look good right our of the dryer or right out of the pile on your bedroom floor (I snuck a peek in your room-shame on you). You'll look all starched and ready to take on corporate America without having to fire up your Rowanda (my hubby will breath a sigh of relief). Better git while the gitting is good cuz they are on sale now-ish. See you and your starched and pressed undies Mon-dee. Have a helluva weekend.
BTW!!! Congrats to Krissy, my-soon-to-be-pregnant-boobed (you know what that means)-friend, who is having a baby (again)!


I'm Henry said...

Some people don't believe me, but trust me, throw it in the wash, throw it in the dryer and it comes out with that beautiful, crisp line down the arm, and each pleat flat and perfect. DO IT!

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