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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Proud Mama!

It's happening! It's like someone flipped the "growing" switch and greenery bloomed, well, blossoms and blossoms turned into vegetables! I mean these green peppers are remarkable b/c we (Ellen, Jerrid and I) are virgin vege farmers. And get a look at my melons! (he-he, made ya look!) And how can you miss me, to the left, the proud mama of our first baby zucchini. But as the world food chain turns, we enjoyed our prized summer squash roasted on the grill with a little butter, fresh chopped chives and S & P to taste. Yummy! All this gardening has not gone without a little blood, sweat and sunburns. Weeding has proved to be a back stiffening, tedious task. Poor Ellen has been watering the be-geez-uhz outta that damn dirt since Motha Nature has not sprinkeled in some time. I promise to bring more updates as we spy green beans, pumpkins, watermelons and actual cobbs of corn. Be patient and wait. With baited breath. Ya, right.

Tomorrow, a birds eye view of the work being done on the Freedom Tower.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY "BETTER THAN A BOYFRIEND COLLEGE SIDEKICK KRISSY!" I'm a doofus-I missed the real day-forgive me? Hope you and your ever expanding family had a perfect day!


gina. said...

Two things:
1. YUMMO that plate o'food looks soooo good!

2. Where did you get that cute little jacket thing you're wearing? i LOVES.

Turpin Family said...

You bet I was better than a boyfriend in college...wait, I wouldn't really know since I was the girl always WITHOUT a boyfriend in 208...What ever happened to Aaron Dorfner? Think his car is still for sale?

Anonymous said...

I heard Aaron Dorfner lives in his car in Texas. It never sold. He spends his days Googling his name to see if anyone has posted about his Honda. Poor bastard.