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Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

So today I am gonna ace out Fashion Friday, one of my favorite things to wish two of my favorite boys a Happy Birthday. Actually, their big day is not until tomorrow, the summer solstice (another favorite thing), but I'm so excited I can't wait any longer... (hence the timer in the side bar)

I'm a lucky gal. I married my best friend. I met him in college when he briefly dated one of roommates (a whole nother blog post) The dude who puts up with all the stupid things I do and appreciates all the good stuff too. He's a real guy's-kinda-guy who likes baseball, football, hockey, etc, golf, hunting birds, fishing, wake boarding yada, yada, yada (with all the coordinating gear). But he's got a little metro sexual flowing through his viens too with his $65.00 haircuts, and new Mavi jeans. He's my partner in exploration and often my voice of reason. And seriously, he's easy on the eyes too. Happy 32nd Birthday Jerrid! I love you!

To little Hanky Panky: Watching him grow up before my eyes has been nothing short of amazing. Two years old and he's all little boy and barely any baby anymore. This kid is just H.A.P.P.Y. and melts my heart. He loves driv-n, baseball, Miss Kato (in a love/hate sort of way), go, go racing, bike rides, playing in the dirt... you know boy stuff. He's chatting up a storm putting together all sorts of sentences and loves his Frankie's "supreme" pizza just as much as I do. If I didn't love his parents so much I would run off with him to Mexico. Happy 2nd Birthday little feller. Auntie loves, loves, loves you!

I'm kickin' myself right square in the arse, cuz I left my camera cord at home and I can't post the cutest picture ever that I have of these two. Damn *%&^ing, son of a ##*^&!!! I'm gonna see if I can buy one today-so check back ya hear?


Fabulous Over 40 said...

Happy Birthday - Hope you're having fun in NY!

i heart design said...

two ladie killers, both so cute! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Henry said...

Great photo! Sorry for the not responding sooner, been having trouble with blogger...have you? SUPER CUTE PHOTO - That one's going in a frame for SURE!