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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birthday Wishes Galore!

Happy Birthday Big Snoot!

I betcha thought I forgot, nah-nah, nah-nah boobie! Speaking of “boobage” how is it possible this birthday girl is from the same gene pool as me (that's her, the blondie, front and center)?!? Today we salute you little, Absolut Citron, splash of OJ, splash of cranberry, high maintenance cocktail gal! Oh my BIG Snoot, where to start, where to start? If only I had digital photos of your younger years I could pay you homage through the days of the boots with skinny jeans tucked into them (you’ve been around long enough for this to come back into style!), the asymmetrical haircut (powered by Vidal Sassoon?) , the blue (yes blue) mascara, the days of sleeping in until 10:30am (with me dying for her to get up already), the first car FULL of so much girl gear there was no where to sit, right up to the more recent years of our “perfect” Twin Cities 10 Mile run, the moon walk escapades (thankfully no one took photos) and the late nights (more like early mornings) at the Grouchy Dog! Kimberli, Kimi, Kimberli-Kaye I love you and wish you the best birthday yet… with many more wild and crazy birthday parties to come! XOXO!

Good Golly Miss Molly!

A double birthday wish goes out to my fellow J.U.G.G.’s member (pretty sure she's gonna die when she see this dramatic photo of herself-thanks NJ)! I just realized (epiphany people) I really need to find some more friends with A/Bcup range… this just isn’t fair! Never has my path crossed with another gal more beautiful both inside and out. This chick, she is the real deal. Sooo sweet she’ll give you a tooth ache! It is impossible not to adore her! Loves to you Molly-have a fabulous birthday!


Henry said...

Happy birthday to both Mo and Kimberli! What a fun day!

Disgruntled Princess said...

Hey thanks Little Snoot! But I noticed you left out all the stories of me putting up with you kickin sprite at me and trying to knock me in the fountain!!! Still love ya and looking forward to your next one--repeat at the GD?? And happy, happy day to Molly, I knew there was something I really liked about her!

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