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Friday, June 6, 2008

Fashion Friday: Gotta Love The Wedge!

Behold. The beloved wedge. Not to be confused with a wedgee (WTF?)! It's like all the stars have aligned and we are left we a shoe fit for fashion and comfort. Too good to be true, I know. So here's my random thoughts on the wedge. These shoes are no longer reserved for the "grandma" types (I use this term loosely as I know some Grandma read my blog and would never wear a pair of these... at least not for another 20-30 years). I know this for fact, because I used to sell shoes in high school at the BIG (used loosely again) Lakewood Mall. Of course my favorite part of the job was the requirement of having to fit these ladies for their S.A.S. shoes. Hot, moist, panty-hosed, bunyoned, corn-topped feet (I'm gagging). That and my inability to ever get the "till," "cash register, " whatever you call it to balance out at the end of the day (I don't do math-of any kind). All done in the name of a 40% discount on shoes! I know! FORTY PERCENT PEEOOPLE! Ok, back to the wedge. Wear these to the office with a pair of Ping-Ping (the bitchy, little, Asian, lady who does tailoring around the corner) tailored trousers. Wear em with your favorite A-line skirt! For cryin' out loud wear them with your favorite jean-e-babies! For God's sake just buy a damn pair already (I know! Permission to hate the girl in the photo granted!).

I gotta run! Working half days on Friday's for the summer is hard work! See you Monday!


Fabulous Over 40 said...

So comfy and stylish. LOVE the pair you have pictured!

Blogger said...


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