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Thursday, June 5, 2008

V-Ohhhhh2! Part 2

Ok, so do you get the whole deal about training "smarter" not "harder?" If you had a chance to look a the link yesterday to the heart rate chart you can figure out your approximate Anaerobic Threshold (A.T.) by subtracting your age from 180. Deduct another 10 if you have not been exercising OR add 10 if you have been exercising 4x a week for the past few years. In theory, this gives you a loose guideline as to what "zone" or heart rate you should be working out at to burn F.A.T. not just burn time. Of course this doesn't take into account your weight, gender, overall physical health, etc. If you really wanna nail this thang down you gotta sign up for the Metabolic Testing I was talking about yesterday. The doesn't hurt (too much) and you'll feel just a little prick, a pinch really, right at your pocket book. The first test (remember no passing or failing with this kind-a test) I took is the exercise portion of the test first. Here are the rules: No exercise 24 hours prior (permission to skip a day!!!), no alcohol 24 hours before testing (relax is it gonna kill you sit one night out?), rest well the night prior, eat a healthy snack a few hours before testing AND take the test a the approximate time of day you typically work out. Easy right? Next step... Show up at the club with your heart rate monitor secured snuggly around your chest and hop on the treadmill for a little get up and go. You wear this totally sweet looking mask (ugh, hope that cute boy isn't around) on and for 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll walk or jog on a treadmill at increasing levels of intensity (you basically perform to failure). For those who love a hardcore challenge this will be the one of the coolest things you've done (if not whats a few minutes of hell anyway?!?). The payoff is worth it (I stole this part from the New Leaf site): This is where you’ll learn how many calories your body burns while exercising; whether those calories come mainly from fat, carbs, or a combination of both; and at what intensity level you burn calories most efficiently (I couldn't have said it better myself). The second portion is a resting metabolic test. Same guidelines and rules except you show up in the morning, put your feet up, get comfy and relax. All this testing and semi public humiliation gives you the following data:

The amount of calories your body needs to function, including everything from regulating your body’s hormones to thinking the thoughts (some of them dirty-if I know ya) that run through your mind.
The amount of calories you need to consume each day to achieve your fitness goal, whether that’s weight loss goal or greater athletic performance.
The point, known as your aerobic base heart rate, is the highest intensity at which your body still uses fat as it's dominant fuel (burn baby burn).
The highest sustainable intensity of exercise, known as your threshold, that your body can sustain and still burn fat efficiently (si-a-nar-a thunder thighs).
The rate at which your body absorbs oxygen, which your body requires to burn fat.

Are you as exhausted by all this info as I am? Last little ditty VO2 levels (the higher the number the more amazing the performance). Some fun facts for all you geeks out there:

Lance Armstrong: 85 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute
Siberian Huskie Sledding Dogs: 240 ml "
34B Cup: 53 ml "
Himalayan Sherpas: 66 ml "
Click here to see how your VO2 number ranks amongst others your same age and gender.

Enough of the serious stuff-just in time for Fashion Friday! See ya tomorrow!


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