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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fashion Friday! Retro-Schmetro!

Happy Fashion Friday everyone-not a minute too soon if you ask me! I bet ya'll have been there before (ok all the gals and drag queen readers-sorry boys)... Searching high and low for the perfect dress. I LOVE to shop with the best of em (a self proclaimed black-belt (gold belt), if I may), but the thought of wasting away a day at the MOA, bored by the same old same old makes my tummy turn. Instead I always prefer searching out a "throw-back," for the anticipated fete. I wore this great, little, black, 60's mod, sequined, mini dress to an awards banquet with a "black and white" ball theme and had blast! My fav way to hunt for the just right retro dress is Ebay. But, you gotta plan ahead gals (and queens), start shopping ASAP, and then calmly sit back while the rest of your posse freaks out 2 days prior to the gig. I can think of 1,000 reasons for you to seek out the perfect vintage frock rather than something, "off the rack," at the nearest department store. Rather than put you through all that pomp and circumstance I'll list the top 5-plus I love ya and all, but I got things to do...
one. The chances of the dreaded run in with another broad wearing your same dress is as likely as striking Texas Tea in your backyard.
two. Save the earth! Buying vintage is my opinion the funnest (yes, funnest) way to recycle.
three. Save greenbacks. The occasional "WOW-a-ZA" dress will ring in some serious dough, but typically vintage is affordable.
and four. This little ditty has history. For all you know if was wadded up in a ball on the floor of some guys '57 Chevy on prom night. Maybe this is your, "lucky" dress too!
five. It's fun to say, "oh, it's vintage" when some hootchie inquires about where she can get a dress like yours.
five and 1/2. In the end I'm just one gal tryin' to give a cute dress a new closet to call home. You should adopt too, it just the right thing to do!


Fabulous Over 40 said...

all of them fantabulous! Did you pick on for the 24th?

Henry said...

I love all of them also....great idea! You have the best tips one Friday's!