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Friday, February 22, 2008

FASHION FRIDAY with a Miss Kato Bonus Feature!

Well hello my little blogging fashionistas! Welcome to the very rockin' inaugural edition of Fashion Friday. Each week I will attempt to satisfy that inner Diva with a little fashion fix of sorts. Will it be the hot sale of the week? Or perhaps a fashion show and tell of sorts? Or maybe I'll be putting spotlight on some poor fool's fashion faux pas. Now, gents never fret-I am an equal opportunity blogger and you will not be left in the dark. Well now enough of the niceties-let's get this blog started. Today, I am tickled to introduce the cutest little leather flower rings I have ever set eyes upon. These fun, flirty accessories are HANDMADE by my favorite artisan, and friend AmyB (34A cup in case you were curious). Each ring has two complimentary colors for the petals and band then finished off with a center bead to add a little razzle dazzle. They are sold as a set of three (to share or hoard-you decide), and are one size fits most. These little gems are quite durable and will stretch slightly due to the inherant qualities of the leather, but never fear just get them wet and they will shrink back up (just like that fav pair of 7 jeans that bag out after a night on the town). For sale on Etsy and I will put a link to her site on the right!

MISS KATO BONUS FEATURE!!! My little brown bear turns six years old today. While she may totally hog the bed, snore louder than my husband, and get up way too early on Saturday mornings I wouldn't have it any other way. Something about that unconditional love thang that really makes this hound special. She wants to lick you in the face with the worst morning breath (my hubby gives her a run for her dog treats), she wants to roadtrip regardless of the destination and she is thrilled to see me if I have been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours. Certainly Dr. Silverstein, DVM is a fan of our labrador-I am fairly confident she has funded many of his ski trips and certainly a substantial portion of his children's college funds. Bottom line I love this Clifford of a dog even though my credit card may not. Happy Birthday Miss Kato!

Soooo, check back in again for some weekend photos AND tune in Monday for a little discussion on politics 34B cup style.


Nicki said...

You really are good at this girl! What's going on in that guy's pants, ew. Love the rings, and last but not least, Happy Bday to Kato! Little Booger.

gina. said...

you have MUSIC on your blog?!?!?!? i MUST know how to do that please tell me NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!

ps. i love kato. i grew up with a chockie too, duke.

pps. you ARE a good blogger - what took so long?

Anonymous said...

nice blog babe. although i'd probably walk the earth better off without seeing your link related to fashion no no's. does he have that thing tied off at the knee? it appears you've gone from virgin blogger to grizzled veteran status with the music piracy and all. must have had a good teacher. love you...by

gina. said...

...by the way, YES you can link to my bloggo...i already added yours too. yay!

kimberli said...

Hi Brookie Ilove your blog. Say Happy B-day to kato for me. And give Jerrid a hug for me.

moneythoughts said...

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for taking a look at my blog and I hope you will return.

The music on your blog is so cool. I'm impressed as hell that new new blogger has such a hi-tech presentation. Way to go.


Turpin Family said...

Oh Brooke, Is anything you do not filled with style and flair...always so envious. Keep it coming and is there anything cuter than the video of you and Kato with Jerrid laughing in the back. Life is sweet isn't it???

dahlkyle said...

Terribly curious... could it be a coincidence that 3/5 of your profile songs were featured in iPod commercials last year?