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Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday (x's 2)!

Hip happy birthday to a sassy little mama! This one she's a real live wire. She might want you to think she's all sweet and innocent, but I know better. Just as soon as you are free and clear from probation (she's pregers with no. 2) we are heading straight for whiskey-waters and some Harper Valley PTA karaoke (Brian has lots of make up sober driving to do!). To show you just how much I care, I am going straight the General Mills aisle to buy you a case of those fiber bars you love for your birthday! Happy Birthday Martina! Looking forward to celebrating this (and many more) birthdays with you!

And now, stay tuned for another special birthday wish...By now you all know about my friend Hank, right? Well it just so happens Hanks Gpa shares a birthday with Martina! I mean February 9th produced some dang good stock if you ask me. Gpa E is 'bout the best you can ask for, but it's no secret Aberdeen, SD is known for the smart, fun, cute peeps it breeds. Right? RIGHT? Anywho, I'm sure glad I've hooked up with Don and his fam, so sending a very Happy Birthday with across state lines. I'm looking forward to kum-bi-ya-ing the cops away from the camp fire again this summer with ya!
Tomorrow a crazy weekend wrap up.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the caption on the photo- nice work!! Thanks! Martina