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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Must see TV.

I'm a list maker. Maybe I've told you before, but I make list of what I need to do, should do, want to do, dream to do, etc, etc, etc. My whole list thing is slightly neurotic if I do say so myself. Which brings me to TV. I don't own a Ti-Vo/DVR doo-hickey for fear the backlog of recorded shows would be another page in my, "to do notebook." I likely would never leave the confines of my living room because of the crazy need to watch every single trashy tabloid talk show, soap opera, so-called-reality-tv and sitcom. Instead I single out just a few weekly picks, screen my phones calls, "ssshhhh," my husband and focus on my non-HD boob tube. So here are the hours you can't call, or rather you can-I just won't answer. But listen, why would ya call on Wednesdays at 7 when you could be watching the New Adventures of Old Christine? Julia Louise Dreyfus is hysterical AND it's a sitcom. Thirty minutes. Your in, your out, and no one gets hurt. Soooo, it's 7:30 and your snug as a bug, no forehead wrinkles or scowl lines since you've just spent the last half hour giggling like a school girl. Why not make it a square hour and stay tuned for Gary Unmarried. After all it was voted this years' People's Choice Award, so it's not just me who thinks it's funny. Then exercise some restraint and turn the damn thing off. You'll have another shot Thursday night at 8 when you gaze into McDreamy's eyes through the thick glass of your Zenith. Grey's Anatomy... I'm still a fan. So see that's just two hours to rest your brain from those literary marvels you have been dowering. But JUST in case you are looking for a little box DVD set of absolute hilarity you MUST rent, Netflix or purchase Strangers with Candy. Amy Sedaris plays a non-trad high school student who was a, "boozer, a user and a loser, but now she's back in school," and delivers the most un-pc comedy cable has ever seen. Be sure to make it a guilty pleasure and watch all 3 seasons in one weekend. I mean if I can do it-so can you.


I'm Henry said...

I LOVE The New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried. I MUST add my new fav, 30 Rock. That Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan are too dang funny for me, I could resist no longer.

gina said...

because with all the time you save fast-forwarding through commercials, you can afford to pick up a couple of new, trashy shows without any greater time commitment.

the dvr is a wonderful thing. i'm not saying, i'm just saying. and what about when you have shows on at conflicting times?!

loooooooooooooove my tivo,
and ps. FOOTBALL with a pause, rewind option?!

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