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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to the 1 & only Amy B!

Fate. That's exactly what it was. Only fate could put this little lady on the 8th floor of Gage B tower right next to me. I just knew she was gonna be my best friend when the first two things I learned about her were she is/was a 32A cup and had a green toothbrush! We both rushed good ole "Gamma Phi, Gamma Phi, Gamma Phi Beta-oh, oh, oh, oh not the Betas" together. We set sail on Lake Washington together and nearly flunked the 3 credit phy-ed course. We ate Paglia's pizza crusts w/0 the cheese to cut out the fat before people became carb crazy. We were roomies together all through college and where one went the other was NEVER far behind. We laughed at everything, we cried a little too, we "tooted" in front of each other, we dated boys with the same name, heck, once we even dated the same boy (to clarify SHE had the sloppy seconds)! We have history! Twelve years of it! Count em... 12! A little over a decade of dirt on each other! Amy B. the funniest, cutest, wildest, most creative and best friend EVER! I love you and I hope your 30th birthday was a blast, just like you!

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i heart design said...

your are my absolute favorite! Thanks so much for the tribute, and an important thing to remember is its way more fun when you are around with me! 12 yrs and still the same cup size, i love it, and I love you! Thank you B, you are the BEST!!!