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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got one!

Just by the hair on my chin-ney-chin-chin (reminder... wax tonight), but I got one. Whoa! It was a tough crowd this year. The secret got out that the down town Target on Nicollet Mall typically has samplers to go around. I didn't tell a soul... but someone let the cat outta the bag. So this morning I take the bus in and stroll across 9th Street to grab my quota of two samplers. Whaaa-paaa! I am smacked in the face with herds of crazy people acting like it's the door buster of the millennium! I barely got my copies and they were G-O-N-E! So here's what's so special bout these discs, in case you've been living under a rock. Each year Cities 97 asks artists to record acoustic sets of their latest and greatest hits in their, "studio C." 35,000 copies of the cd are made and are sold at local Target stores with all of the proceeds benefiting local charities like Make A Wish, Camp Heartland, Bridging, the Animal Humane Society (love) and the Tubman Family Alliance. I've already listened and already committed to burn two pirated versions for pals (buy me a beer-get a burned disc). The second copy? Ebay, baby!

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i heart design said...

Oh cities samples...I thought you meant mini quiches and giant cookies carved into 1/37ths....is it a good one??? Love you miss your little bum!