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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

24 years young, again?!?

I've been opening my checking account for direct withdrawl to Lifetime Fitness since the year 2000. I don't even want to know what that has adds up to over the course of 8 years (on a serious note it has been worth it). I'm a pretty "steady eddie" when it comes to exercise. I have been been dedicated (and yes during some life stages admittedly obsessed) since I joined the YMCA in 8th grade. I'm 5' 6 (and a half) and have weighed in at 140-145 lbs (gasp, a reveal most hate to admit) for at least the last 6 or 7 years in part due to the hitting the club on a regular basis. So last weekend I decided to take advantage of an added perk included with my membership. I signed up for the FREE BODY AGE ASSESSMENT TEST (highly recommended)!!! I'll start this tale by telling you I overindulged with friends the night before and awoke with a crippling hangover. I persevered and pulled my campfire-infused smelling hair into a grimy pony tail, downed 6 cups of coffee, and brushed/listerined, brushed/listerined, brushed/listerined and got my behind in gear. Once I arrived at the club the unpredictable waves of nausea subsided and I met up with Justin, a great personal trainer, and warned him "I'm tellin' ya I feel like I'm 94." The test began a little Q & A: what is your current regimen like, how are your current eating habits, what are your fitness goals, (and the big one) what is going to keep you from reaching your goals (interestingly enough, a difficult question). Next, the official weigh in, followed by the dreaded skin fold test. Up next we got physical with a strength test. I was armed with a bar connected to this gadget and on the count of three I bicep curled that thang until my arms shook (67 lbs-I shoulda done better). Sit and reach (no prob) and a 5 minute treadmill session to measure overall fitness. All this data is punched into the computer and it in turn spits out all this great data that Justin (if you are up for the test-see this guy-he is really good at what he does) helped me understand:

Body Mass Index-normal (even though 23.7 doesn't sound real great)

Cardiovascular (estimated) Max VO2 (heart rate mumbo-jumbo)-moderate

Bicep Strength-good

Sit and Reach-excellent

Body Composition-optimal/good

Overall Fitness-Excellent (not bad for a hang over as my bff)

Anywayz, in summary we concluded my goals are to reduce my BMI by -3.5 points to 18% and to reduce my body weight by 7 lbs. He warned that it is possible for my BMI to be reduced, but my weight to remain stable or increase (the whole muscle weighs more that fat thing). He said by sound nutrition, strength and cardiovascular programs I could reach my fitness/wellness goals in 7 weeks. He was even able to tell me I need to consume a total of 2120 calories each day for normal daily activities (maintennance) more if excerise is part of the daily regimin. This incredible amount of information indicates that I am NOT 30 but 24. I sure wish my face looked like it (bye, bye crows feet).

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Nicki said...

I just love that picture of us...might have to go in a frame. I should probably go see Justin, but I don't want it to be official that I'm 106.